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Residential Life

Safety & Security

Staying Safe on Campus

The Department of Residential Life takes the safety and security of each of our residents seriously, and strives to provide the safest environment possible. Residential Life and BSU have established systems and policies aimed at keeping our student population safe, however, each resident has the responsibility to take steps to ensure their own personal safety and to secure their personal property.

Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety (Campus Security) provides 24-hour campus patrol and emergency services, and works closely with local law enforcement agencies. They provide a number of services and programs aimed at increasing personal safety including:

Blue Light Phone System

An emergency blue light phone system is installed on campus to make the reporting of serious incidents easier and quicker. Units are placed throughout the campus. The phones are used in case of emergency only and will immediately connect the user to Campus Security.

Escort Service

A limited campus escort service is available upon request, at no expense to the user, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by calling, or stopping by, the Department of Public Safety, Lower Walnut Hall, 755-3888.

Crime Prevention and Operation I.D.

Programs are presented throughout the academic year that target personal safety and property protection. These programs address the prevention of crime through awareness. The topics covered include sexual assault, personal safety, fire prevention, crime reporting and property protection. Programs will be offered free of charge during the academic year and also upon request. To request a program, contact the Crime Prevention Officer at the Department of Public Safety.


Parking in the residence halls lots is by permit only. Residence Hall lots are monitored by security cameras 24/7.

All students are welcome to bring their car to campus. Any student parking their car in campus parking lots MUST purchase a parking permit. For more information about available parking permits, please go here. Parking permits may be purchased through the BSU Cashiers Office. Please contact them at 218-755-2045.

Residential Life Security

Hall Entry

Every residence hall is locked 24/7 and is accessible via key card/fob.

Guest Policy

Twenty-four hour visitation is permitted in all Residence Halls, but residents are expected to escort their guests at all times. Guests are welcome with the permission of their roommate(s).  However, residents should be aware that they are responsible for the actions and conduct of the guests at all times, including financial responsibility.

Fire Safety

Any person spotting a fire, should pull the fire alarm and call Public Safety at 755-3888, and/or 911. Click here for Emergency Fire Procedures.

Bike Theft

Bike theft is one of the leading crimes reported on college campuses. There are a number of steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of your bike being stolen. Click here for some tips.

Protect Yourself

Every student must take steps to protect themselves and their property. Click here for more information.

Emergency Procedures

It is important to be familiar with the established Emergency Procedures. Click here to download the BSU Emergency Procedure Guide [pdf].