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Residential Life

Current Residents

Information for Current Residents


Policies and Procedures

Every resident is responsible for informing themselves about Residential Life's policies and procedures. Read this section carefully so you fully understand your rights and responsibilities. Click here to read.

Services and Amenities

Complete list of the services and amenities offered to our residents. Need a light bulb? Want to paint your room? Have a maintenance issue? Click here for more information.


For our current rate sheet . . . Click here.

Room & Meal Plan Selection Process

Information on signing up for a room & meal plan for next year, and how and why to participate in Priority Point Process. Click here to read more.


Information on the academic and other type of resources available to you as a resident, such as peer academic tutoring, the ARCs, internet and network information, etc. Click here for more.

Staff Information

Learn more about your Residential Life staff including, contact info and biographies. Read on.


Interested in getting involved in either Residential Life government, or working as a member of the Residential Life staff? Click here for more information.

Information for New Residents

Getting to Know Your Roommate

You're strangers when you meet. Getting off on the right foot can turn that stranger into a lifelong friend.Tips on getting to know each other, how to get along, and how to live together, click here to read more

Being a Member of a Community

The sense of community in the residence halls is only as strong as its members make it. Each member must contribute positively toward the sense of hall unity. Learn what it means to be a contributing member of the community.

Move-In Guide

What do I need to bring for my room? What do I need to bring for myself?! What is already here? Is there a rental program? What am I forgetting? It's all here . . .





Welcome to our new director, Dr. Jodi Monerson!

The online BSU Planner is now available to view; printed copies will be available at the start of fall semester!