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Residential Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Students Living in the Residence Halls

Who can I talk to if I am having problems with my room?

Report problems with your room or common areas to your RA or to the hall reception desk. A work order will be turned in to initiate the repairs. Generally it will take a few days to complete the repair. If it is an emergency the repair will be called in to maintenance staff for immediate attention. If you have questions about the progress of a work order, talk to your RA or the Res Hall director.

What do I do if I lose my key?

Tag keys are available at your residence hall desk. Tag keys are for temporary use while you look for your lost key. If after 5 days you have not found your key, a work order will be submitted to have your lock changed. This is for your own protection. You will be billed $25.00 for the lock change.

If a resident loses their key card/fob, this should be reported to the Department of Residential Life immediately so that the card/fob may be disabled. Residents that lose their key card/fob will be charged a $25 key card/fob replacement fee.

What do I do if I am having troubles with my phone or computer network access?

Report problems with your phone line to Residential Life at 3750.

Report problems with computer network access to Computer Support at 3777.

What happens if I violate the code of student conduct?

The BSU Code of Conduct outlines behaviors that are in violation of BSU community standards. Students alleged to be in violation of these codes will be charged through the conduct system. Consequences for violations of the code of conduct are intended to provide both accountability and learning. For more information consult the Student Handbook.

How do I get involved in hall and campus activities?

Ask your RA! S/he will be able to connect you with opportunities for leadership and involvement based on your interests. BSU has over 60 student organizations.

Where can I voice my opinions?

The Residence Hall Council meets weekly in each hall and is the venue for residents to express their concerns or issues related to living and dining on campus. The Dining Services committee meets weekly and addresses issues regarding the food service. Contact your RA to get details of these meetings.

How do I change my meal plan?

Meal plan changes can be made up through the first two weeks of a semester. After that, no changes can be made. It is important that students take time to consider their mean plan choice prior to signing a contract. Ask for assistance!

How do I cancel my room contract?

The Residential Life contract is an academic year contract. If you desire to cancel your contract for the spring semester, you must do so by the date indicated in the contract. You may also give a 30-calendar day notice to cancel the contract during the year.

What do I do if I want to move to a different room or hall?

You should speak first with your RA and explain your situation. The RA can help you complete the room transfer process if necessary. 

How do I sign up for a room for next year?

Current residents will have the opportunity to go through our Room and Meal Plan Selection Process during the spring semester. During this process, residents will have the opportunity to pick out their room and roommate for the next academic year. More information will be distributed to all residents at the beginning of the spring semester.



If you have more questions contact:

Department of Residential Life
Walnut #33
p: (218) 755-3750
f: (218) 755-3753