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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About Room and Meal Plan Selection for 2014-2015

Towards what does the $150 prepayment go?

The $150 prepayment will be applied to your fall room and board bill. It is not a deposit that you will receive when you move out of the residence halls.

How can I pay the $150 prepayment?

You have two options:
1) You may pay the $150 prepayment when completing your online application on your assigned day.
2) You may pay the $150 prepayment at the Cashiers Office, located on the second floor in Deputy Hall.

What if I do not get the room that I want?

If you do not get the room that you want through this process,  contact our office and request your name be placed on the waiting list.

What if I need to cancel my contract after I have signed up?

If you cancel your contract on or before July 23, 2014, you may receive $50 of your prepayment. After that date, you forfeit your prepayment in full. Please note that cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to our office. We will not accept verbal cancellation requests.

What if I want to change my meal plan after I sign up?

You may make changes to your meal plan prior to the start of the semester through E-Services, or within the first two weeks of the semester by submitting a Meal Plan Change form to our office.

Can I sign up for a room after the sign-up process ends?

Absolutely! However, we will begin assigning new applicants shortly after the sign-up process ends so your options will be limited.

FAQs About Priority Point Process

Exactly What is the Priority Point Process?

The Priority Point Process is  designed to recognize our returning residents by giving them a chance to select a special room option (for the following fall; permitting availability) based on their length of time in the residence halls, their involvement in leadership opportunities, and academic success.

What are special room options?

Special room options are all rooms other than doubles. They include singles and the Linden Hall Suites.

Why should I participate in the Priority Point Process?

There are "special room options" available such as singles and the Linden Suites. Your odds of getting one of these special rooms increases if you are selected as a winner in the Priority Point Process. Winners in the Priority Point Process also get priority selection as to the location (hall & floor) of their room.

I won't have many points. Should I still participate in the Priority Point Process?

Yes! Even though students with the most points will have better odds of being selected in the process, all students who submit a priority point worksheet get entered into the pool for special room options. In previous years, Residential Life has been able to accommodate the majority of the students who participated in the Priority Point Process.

What if I have other questions?

Please contact the Department of Residential Life at #3750 or visit us in Walnut Hall.

For more information . . .

Click here for more information on the Room and Meal Plan Selection Process.



If you have more questions contact:

Department of Residential Life
Walnut #33
p: (218) 755-3750
f: (218) 755-3753