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Residential Life

Frequently Asked Questions 

New or Prospective Residents


When will I receive my room assignment?

Room assignment information for Fall semester will be accessible online beginning mid-June for early applicants. Room assignments for Spring will be accessible beginning late-December. An email reminder will be sent to all students when this information is posted on E-Services.

When will I receive my roommate information?

Roommate information will be accessible on your E-Services beginning mid-July. Roommate information for Spring will be accessible beginning late-December. An email reminder will be sent to all students when this information is posted on E-Services.

Can I change my room assignment?

Generally, room assignments are not changed in the summer or during winter break. If you feel that you should be granted a room change during the summer or winter break, please consult this with the Hall Director of the building that you have been assigned to.

Help! I looked up my roommate on a social networking site and we have even had a few conversations, but I just don't think we can live together. Can I change my room assignment?

It is important (and sometimes difficult) not to judge a future roommate prior to meeting them in person. It is very easy to do so, particularly in the current age of social networking sites (like Facebook and Twitter) where individuals paint a picture for all to see. The problem is, until you actually meet someone in person, you will not genuinely know who she or he is. There are far more cases of what appear to be problematic roommate pairings that end up resulting in lifelong friendships.

Where and when can I check into my residence hall room?

The official move-in day  for fall semester 2014 is August 22, 2014. When you arrive to campus, you will need to check-in at the front desk of the residence hall that you have been assigned to. The residence halls will open at 9:00am. Moving into the residence halls prior to move-in day is difficult as halls are used for summer school and conferences. If you need to arrange an early arrival, please contact us one week prior to the day you wish to move in. There is a nightly charge of $20 for students assigned to a double room and a nightly fee of $25 for students assigned to all other room options. Please try to make arrangements to arrive on move-in day, if at all possible.

Are the residence halls smoke free?

Yes! Smoking and use of any tobacco product is prohibited throughout the entire campus (this includes all campus buildings, including the residence hall rooms, and public spaces). Please review the policy for more information. Enjoy the clean air!

What should I bring?

Students are encouraged to make their rooms comfortable. What each resident brings is a personal choice. At a minimum, most students should consider: blankets, extra-long twin sheets (to fit a 36"X 80" mattress), a mattress pad, pillows and pillow cases, towels, wash cloths, a laundry basket/bag, toiletries, hangers, clothes, a metal wastepaper basket, study lamps, and an alarm clock.

Students can bring pictures, posters, plants, a refrigerator (4.8 cubic feet or smaller), a bed loft, a radio, a microwave, a stereo, a television, extension cords (UL approved), an iron, and a personal computer. Pets (other than fish) are not allowed. Students can bring a phone to fit their own personal preferences or check out a phone at the hall desk. Click here for more information on what to bring.

Can I bring my car?

All students are welcome to bring their car to campus. Any student parking their car in campus parking lots MUST purchase a parking permit. For more information about available parking permits, please go here. Parking permits may be purchased through the BSU Cashiers Office. Please contact them at 218-755-2045.

What size are the mattresses in the rooms?

The mattresses are extra-long twins (36"x 80").

What is a bed loft?

Some students use lofts to boost their beds up and create more space in the room, often with lounge-type furniture placed under the lofted beds. Students interested in this arrangement have two options for lofting: building their own or renting one through

For residents interested in building their own lofting systems, click here for lofting guidelines.

Are there items I can rent for the year?

Bed lofts and microfridges are available for rent through

How large are the rooms?

Residence hall double rooms are approximately 11-feet wide by 16-feet deep by 8-feet high.

What kind of computer will work with the campus network?

Current Systems Requirments to connect to the campus network are:

  • Windows XP w th SP 2
  • Mac OS X (10.2) and above
  • Ethernet adapter (10baseT) and Ethernet cable
  • For wireless use: 802.11 wireless adapters, a/b/g

The minimum computer requirements are continually changing. To view the latest recommendations, visit the Information Technology Services web site or call 218-755-4207 for more information.

Each residence hall is wired to the campus network. New computers typically have built-in Ethernet connections.

Wireless Network

To use the BSU wireless network, your computer needs to be configured and also requires a username and password which can be obtained by visiting Technical Support in Deputy Hall, Room 161. You will need a valid BSU ID. Technical Support will configure your laptop for you, or give you instructions to do it yourself.

All residence halls are equipped with wireless access. Students are not allowed to set up personal wireless access points for security reasons.

If you have questions or any other computer-related problems while attending BSU, please contact Information Technology Services for assistance. Call 218-755-3777, email, or visit the office in Deputy Hall, Room 161.

Who will connect my computer to the campus network?

Procedures and policies for connecting to and operating on the campus network change from time to time. Please look for notices in the residence halls when you check in for how to go about getting connected to the network or you may call the Computer Student Help Desk at 755-3777.

What does being a "dry campus" mean?

Alcohol is not allowed within the residence halls or anywhere on the BSU campus. Individuals violating the policy are referred through the BSU Student Conduct System. The alcohol will be confiscated and dumped at the time of infraction. Sanctions can range from a warning to expulsion from the University.

How should my mail be addressed?

Mail should be addressed to residents using the following information:

      Hall Name
      Room Number, Wing
      Street Address
      Bemidji, MN 56601-xxxx

Click here for Hall addresses.



If you have more questions contact:

Department of Residential Life
Walnut #33
p: (218) 755-3750
f: (218) 755-3753