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Residential Life


Learn About Meal Plans

Who, What, Where & Why . . .

Resident Students 

You may contract for Board Plans (A.K.A. Meal Plans) as part of your Residence Hall Application and Contract.  Residents may purchase Beaver Bucks or add Beaver Bucks at any time and at any Dining Services venue.

Commuter Students

If you are a commuter student, you may purchase Board Only contracts through the Department of Residential Life and may purchase and use Beaver Bucks at any Dining Service Venue.


Faculty and staff love Beaver Bucks too! They're so convenient, just swipe your ID, and you're good to go. Faculty and staff may purchase Beaver Bucks at any dining services venue.

Meal Plan Options

Choosing a Meal Plan: Things to Chew On

Bucky says . . .

by Bucky Beaver

I asked to write these tips, because I didn't know a meal plan (a.k.a. board plan) from a Beaver Buck when I first got here and boy did I end up with birch bark on my face when I tried to use my meal plan in the Lakeside Food Court! (Don't miss my follow-up article: "Beaver Bucks: Straight from the Beaver's Mouth?!.")

Northwoods Cafeteria is the Place!

Use your meal plan for meals from Northwoods Cafeteria. Use your Beaver Bucks at all other venues.

Eat Your Meals! 

Your meals don't stick around, they'll be gone next semester. Meal plan balances do not carry over to a following semester.

Keep Track!

Keep track of the number of meals you are eating, is it working out? If not, you've got a second, and a third chance! Meal plans may be changed at the beginning and end of each semester (consult the residence hall contract for specific dates).

Your I.D. is Your Ticket!

Once validated the student or faculty/staff I.D. card is used as the meal card.