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Residential Life

Living Options

What's your living style?

Each Residence Hall has room or floor options that fit diverse student lifestyles. All room options are limited in number and waiting lists are maintained for options that may not be immediately available.

Room Options

Double Room
For two students to share one standard size room. We encourage all students to start off in a double room. Double rooms are located in Birch, Oak, Pine, and Tamarack.

Single Room without a Bath
For a single student in a smaller room (approximately one-half the size of a double room). This is a good choice for those who desire a little more privacy and love those cozy spaces. Single rooms without a bath are located in Birch and Pine.

Two and Three Person Linden Suites
For two or three students with private bedrooms and a shared bathroom. For students looking for the best of both worlds, Linden Suites is the next generation in residential living offering both privacy and the benefits of developing close bonds that only rooming together can bring. Linden Suites.

ADA Compliant Rooms
For students with disabilities, a limited number of ADA compliant rooms are located in Linden.

Learning Communities

First Year Residential Experience (FYRE)

First Year Residential Experience is an outstanding program where freshman students live in Oak, Pine, and Tamarack on a floor with only other first year students. Participants make new friends and share similar experiences and together explore BSU and help one another make the transition to college life. 

FYRE Nursing Learning Community

The FYRE Nursing Learning Community houses new female students interested in the BSU Nursing Program. These students share a living/learning experience designed to foster academic and social success. Caring and well-trained staff provide educational and social programming and activities designed with the needs of nursing students in mind. Faculty from the nursing program will be actively involved with these students both in and out of the classroom.

FYRE Outdoors Learning Community

If the beauty and the opportunities of the Northwoods is what drew you to BSU, this is the floor for you!

FYRE Emerging Leaders Learning Community

The Emerging Leaders Community is dedicated to developing students into leaders on our campus and in the Bemidji community. This community will familiarize you with the university's values and the opportunities for leadership across campus. You will explore your leadership potential, build your confidence, and develop skills to live a life of leadership. Here, learn what kind of a leader you are and how to put your leadership skills into practice in your everyday life. Live with students also interested in leadership and get a jump start on your involvement at BSU!

FYRE Living Green Learning Community

Students residing in the Living Green learning community at Bemidji State University exemplify a more sustainable campus. They raise awareness about environmental issues, pilot new sustainability projects, and are educated on best practices to live green. Activities would include practicing everything from energy efficiency to producing less waste, as well as advocating for social justice and supporting the local economy. The Living Green learning community would promote the use of bikes instead of cars not only for the economic and environmental benefit, but for the physical and psychological benefit of the individual. Let's practice living green for ourselves, our campus, and our community!

Open Borders Learning Community (OBLC)

The Open Borders Learning Community comprises approximately 46 students who live on the same floor with students from around the world. OBLC residents stay in double rooms and are matched with a roommate from a different culture (most often American students paired with international students). OBLC is located in Tamarack. Freshmen living on the OBLC floor must participate in FYRE activities and must register for a FYRE section of the FYE course.

Honors Residential Experience

The Honors Program and Residential Life are partners in the Honors Scholar's residence on Tamarack 11th and 12th floor. This living options is available to approximately 40 residents that are enrolled or interested in the Honors Program. For more information, contact the Honors Program at 218-755-3984 or Freshmen living on the Honors Residenital Experience floors will be invited to participate in FYRE activities and must register for an Honors section of an FYE course.




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Myself, I've always preferred having a roommate. It's a great way to really get into the swing of college life and make close friends. In fact, I roomed with a kid in Oak for a while, until I chewed off the closet pole. Some people are so picky.

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