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Residential Life

Residence Halls

So, where would you like to live?

Oak, Tamarack, Linden? There are five residence halls to choose from (all of which are smoke-free), and each has a unique personality and their own sets of activities and traditions. There are also differences in location, amenities and living options. Take a look around, where do you want to call home?

Birch Hall

Birch houses 204 residents in single and double rooms. All floors were designed with inspiration from our Minnesota Northwoods culture and are designated as co-ed upper-classmen (sophomore and above). The main lobby boasts a fireplace, kitchenette, large screen television, and games. The second floor lounge spaces house the kitchens, study area, and television viewing.  Birch will be the home of the Open Borders Learning Community for the 2014-15 academic year. Click here to learn more about Birch.


Linden Hall

Linden houses 181 residents in two and three person suites. Newly remodeled, we asked residents for their wish list of what they'd like in a residence hall. See what they had to say. Click here to learn more about Linden.

Oak Hall

Home to part of the FYRE program, Oak houses 525 residents in three wings. Lively with a strong sense of tradition and tons of activities. There is always something going on in Oak. Click here to learn more about Oak.

Pine Hall 

Also home to part of the FYRE program, Pine houses 171 residents on four floors. Click here to learn more about Pine.

Tamarack Hall

Tamarack is home to 387 residents on 12 floors, part of the FYRE program, and the  Honors Learning Community. It is also the tallest building in Beltrami County. Upper floor rooms and the 12 floor lounges have stunning views of the lake and city of Bemidji. Click here to learn more about Tamarack.

Cedar Apartments

Two and three bedroom apartments available to single parent families. Click here to learn more about the Cedar Apartments.

  1. Higher GPA
  2. Tunnels
  3. Close to class
  4. No monthly bills
  5. No grocery shopping
  6. No cooking
  7. RAs and Hall Directors
  8. Leadership opportunities
  9. Job opportunities
  10. Friends, friends, friends



Bucky's Scoop.

Bucky talks

Here's a clue. It's the middle of winter. It's ten below and snowing. You see someone in class wearing shorts and flip-flops. What's wrong with this picture? Nothing. They live in the Res Halls. They're like me, they travel by tunnel.

Bucky's Tour- Next Stop: Birch