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Residential Life

Policies and Procedures

Contract - Residence Hall And Dining Services

The Residence Hall Contract is binding for the academic year (fall and spring semesters) or for the portion of the academic year remaining at the time of initial occupancy. The Department of Residential Life reserves the right to change contract dates. Notification of changes will be provided to all Residence Hall Contract holders through letters, departmental publications, and the Departmental website.

Dates Of Contract

Open at 9:00am, August 22
Close at Noon, December 18

Semester Break

December 19, 2013 through January 12, 2014
All residence halls remain open during the semester break. There is no charge to stay in a room if the Resident has a fall and spring contract. No meals are served during semester break.

Note: The first day of the Residence Hall Contract is the first day that housing is provided to the resident.

Early Arrivals And Late Departures

Residents are expected to plan arrival to and departure from the residence halls according to the dates of the contract. Early arrival and late departure are difficult due to the need to complete cleaning and repair, the use of rooms by summer groups, and the need to assign rooms to incoming students. If you would like to request early arrival to or late departure from the residence halls, you will need approval from the Department of Residential Life (48 hour notice is strongly suggested). There is a nightly charge of  $20 per person for residents that have been assigned to a double room, and a $25 per night, per person for residents assigned to all other room types.  

Early Arrival Key Pick Up for Fall 2014:
8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday: report to the Residential Life Office
All other times: contact the Summer RA-on-Duty: 218-308-1292

You may want take advantage of our Free Early Drop-Off opportunity on Thursday, August 21, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. Simply report to the front desk of the residence hall that you have been assigned to, pick up your key from the staff there, and move all of your belongings in. Make sure to return your key that evening or you will be charged for an early arrival.

Residential Living Requirement

Freshman students who are one-year removed from high school graduation and international students who are classified as unmarried and an undergraduate must reside (as space is available) in university housing until completion of their first academic year at Bemidji State University. All freshman and international students will be required to make application for university housing unless the student is subject to one of the exemptions below.

Certain freshmen will be automatically exempt from this policy but must provide documentation that one of the following criteria is met:

  1. Freshmen who are 21 years of age at least ten days prior to the start of fall term
  2. Freshmen who will be living with parent(s) or legal guardian(s), within 50 miles of Bemidji State University, during the academic year will be exempt from this policy. Student must provide verification.
  3. Current active military or veteran’s status-student must verify by submitting a copy of the DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (if a veteran) or written proof of current military active duty.
  4. Married and/or with legally dependent children, copies of legal documentation will be required to accompany the exemption form request.

Other criteria that may be considered after review of an exemption request include:

  1. Independent student status-student must have been declared an independent student for the past two calendar years and not claimed by their parent(s) during the same period.
  2. Limited credit student-students carrying less than six credits each semester of the academic year.
  3. Medical and disability circumstances-exemption requests for medical or disability reason will be forwarded to the Office of Disabilities. This office will render a decision and notify the Residential Life Office.
  4. Other-where it can be demonstrated that special circumstances exist which would create a substantial personal hardship which is exacerbated by living on campus and cannot be remedied by alternative means. Verification of special circumstances will be required.



Conduct and/or Criminal History and Residence Hall Contract & Privileges

Applicants for, and current residents with, a Residential Life Contract are subject to a review of conduct and criminal history as it relates to access to or placement in campus housing and other residence hall privileges.

Bemidji State University reserves the right to deny or cancel a Residence Hall Contract to an individual whose conduct or criminal records indicates an actual or perceived threat or danger to the Bemidji State University community, including students, faculty, and staff.

In the case of current residents, if circumstances warrant, immediate action may be taken to cancel a Residence Hall Contract and other privileges under the same standards and process as a Student Conduct Summary Suspension (see Student Code of Conduct).

The review of conduct and criminal history will be completed by the Director of Residential Life in consultation with the University Conduct Officer and Director of Public Safety. Factors considered in the review include, but are not limited to:

  1. nature, severity and intentionality of the offense(s) (including the statutory elements of the offense(s));
  2. student's age at the time of the offense(s);
  3. student's account of the facts of the offense(s);
  4. date of the offense(s)/time elapsed since offense(s);
  5. student's probation or parole status;
  6. number of offense(s), and pattern of offense(s);
  7. successful completion of criminal rehabilitation programs;and
  8. additional relevant factors (such as whether the underlyng situation arose out of a housing situation)

Applicants for, and current residents, with a Residential Life Contract denied contract privileges have the right to appeal the decision. Appeals shall be made to the Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment or his/her designee (as identified in the decision letter) within five (5) business dates of the Respondent's receipt of the decision of the Residential Life Contract review. The appeal shall be in writing, stating the ground(s) for appeal. The appeal letter will be reviewed by the Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment, who may schedule an appeal meeting if more information is needed. The Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment will notify the student within five (5) business days of receiving the appeal letter. The appeal decision is final. Failure to file an appeal or request an extension in a timely manner constitutes a waiver of any right to an appeal.

If an appeal meeting is scheduled, an applicant/student's adviser may attend. In the event new evidence is relevant to the outcome of the decision, the Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment or designee may request an addtional review.

Contract Cancellation

Prior to the Start of the Contract

Before the contract becomes binding a resident may cancel the contract by giving written notice to the Department of Residential Life. If written notice is provided thirty (30) days or more before the effective start date of the contract (for Fall Semester only - please see Cancellation Dates below for more information), $50 of the $150 prepayment will be refunded. If written notice is provided less than 30 days prior to the contract start date and before the effective start date of the contract, no refund of the prepayment is issued but the resident is relieved of any obligation under the contract

Residents who move in as early arrivals, and who wish to cancel the Contract or who move our prior to the start of the contract will forfeit the $150 prepayment and are charged the early arrival rate through the date of checkout.

Residents who have paid the $150 prepayment and decide to delay attendance at BSU may transfer this $150 prepayment to the next semester. If the resident does not attend BSU and live in the residence halls the next semester, the $150 prepayment will be forfeited.

Cancellation Dates for 2014-2015

Postmarked by July 23,2014: $50 refunded
July 24- August 21, 2014: $150 prepayment forfeited

SPRING SEMESTER (applicable to only those students that applied just for spring semester housing)
Postmarked by December 1, 2014 - $50 refunded
December 2, 2013 - January 10, 2015 - $150 prepayment forfeited

After the Effective Start Date of the Contract

Residents may cancel the contract after the effective start date of the contract by giving a written 30 day notice. Residents will be responsible for room and/or board charges and will retain access to services through the 30th day. In addition, a $30 processing fee will be assessed.

Residents may change or cancel a board plan during the first two weeks of each semester and will be charged for the initial board plan through the week of notification. New entering freshmen are required to maintain a meal plan.

Residents may not change or cancel a board plan after the second week of a semester.

Fall Residents Canceling for Spring Semester 2015

  • Fall residents who wish to cancel their contract for spring semester must submit a Room and/or Board Cancellation Request Form for spring semester at the Department of Residential Life on or before December 1, 2014.
  • Fall residents who cancel their contract for spring semester must check out of their room by noon on December 18, 2014.
  • Fall residents who wish to cancel their contract for spring semester, but fail to submit a Cancellation Request Form by December 1, 2014 will be charged a $150 late cancellation fee, if notice is received by December 18, 2014. Cancel requests received after December 18, 2014, will incur a $300 late cancellation fee.
  • Fall residents who wish to cancel their contract for spring semester and leave the residence halls without submitting a Cancellation Request Form will be charged a $300 late cancellation fee.
  • Fall residents who wish to cancel their contract for spring semester, fail to submit a Cancellation Request Form, and fail to check out of the residence hall by December 18, 2014 will be charged a $300 late cancellation fee and room charges through the date of check out.

Contract Termination

The Residence Hall and Dining Services Contract may be terminated by the University under the following conditions:

Academic Suspension/Non-Payment/Loss of Student Status

  • Residents who lose student status due to academic suspension or non-payment must vacate their room within 48 hours of notification of loss of student status. Residents will be responsible for room and/or board charges through the date of check out. The late cancellation fee does not apply.
  • Residents appealing loss of student status may maintain their Contract while they appeal. If the resident's appeal is approved, the resident agrees to fulfill the balance of the Contract. If the resident's appeal is denied, s/he must vacate the room within 48 hours of notification of the decision. Residents will be responsible for room and/or board charges through the date of check out.

Withdrawal from Classes

Residents who withdraw from all classes or have less than six (6) credits must move out of the residence halls within 48 hours of notification to vacate. Residents will forfeit the $150 prepayment and/or be responsible for room and board charges through the date of checkout.

Student Conduct

When loss of residence hall privileges or student status is a result of a Student Conduct System sanction, the resident is not eligible for any refund. Appropriate notice and appeal information are provided to the resident in this situation.

"No Shows"

Residents who do not check into the residence halls by 5:00 p.m. on the first day of class of any semester for which this Contract is in effect will be considered a "No Show." The University reserves the right to reassign the Resident to another room. No shows who are not enrolled for classes by the 10th day of the semester for which this Contract is in effect, and who have not checked into the residence halls, will forfeit the $150 prepayment. No shows who are enrolled for classes and who decide to reside in a place other than the residence halls will continue to be responsible for room and/or board charges for 30 days after written notice of cancellation is received.

"Drop for Non-Payment"

If a resident fails to meet the University requirements for payment of fees, they may have their courses dropped for non-payment. In this situation, the resident must vacate their room within 48 hours of notification of courses being dropped. The resident will be billed for room and/or board charges through the date of checkout.

Contract Responsibilities

The University shall maintain the premises in compliance with applicable municipal and state health and safety laws, unless a violation has been caused by Resident or Resident's guest(s). Residents shall provide the University with notice of any noncompliance and the University shall correct noncompliance within a reasonable time.

The University is not responsible for injury to persons or damages to anyone's personal property that results form Resident's negligence or Resident's negligent use of privately owned or state supplied property or furnishings.

The Resident agrees to comply with all State, University, and Department of Residential Life rules and regulations as stated in this publication. Contracts are not transferable from one academic year to another and rooms may not be sublet.


The annual room and meal plan costs are included in a separate publication. The first room and meal plan payment of $500 each semester shall be made on or before the first day of classes unless the contract is effective after the first day of classes. Payment for late contracts shall be made on or before the first day of occupancy. The second payment for each semester is due thirty days after the opening of the semester. Residents unable to meet the payment deadlines must vacate their rooms within forty-eight (48) hours of notification by the Director of Residential Life or his/her designee. If in default of payment, the Resident is liable for all legal costs and collection fees which accrue in obtaining payment. Failure of the Resident to satisfy the financial obligations stipulated under this Contract will result in the denial of further meals, a hold of official records, and/or eviction from the residence halls.


A $150 prepayment fee ($100 of which is non-refundable; see Cancellation Dates above for more information) must accompany every Residence Hall Contract. This prepayment fee will be applied to the Resident's first semester payment.

Unavailability of Premises

In the event that any of the premises which are the subject of this Contract, which for the purpose of this provision shall include any and all areas in and about the residence halls, should be partially or totally lost, destroyed, or otherwise unavailable because of fires, strikes, acts of God, or other events, so as to render them unfit or unavailable in whole or in part for the purpose of the Resident, then either the University or the Resident shall have the right to immediately terminate this Contract. The University shall not be liable to the Resident for any damages occurring as the result of such termination.