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Residential Life

Policies & Procedures

Policy Overview

These policies and procedures have been written in an effort to provide a living environment that is supportive of academic pursuits. The policies also reflect the need to be supportive of local, state, and federal laws.

We believe that the total residential experience is one which balances comfortable facilities, comprehensive programs and services, and a quality food service. While structured policies are part of community living, the ideal community will be governed by behavior that considers respect for self, others, and for facilities. Residents are encouraged to become familiar with the "Code of Conduct and the Student Conduct System" and the BSU Student Handbook. Disregard for others or for BSU and Department of Residential Life policies, procedures, and regulations may result in a referral to the BSU Student Conduct System.

By signing the Residence Hall Contract, the Resident agrees to comply with all State, University, and Department of Residential Life rules and regulations and understands that he/she is responsible for the payment of all fees generated by the issuance of the Contract. The Contract is subject to change due to academic calendar changes or decisions made by the State University Board or State Legislature and will not be grounds for termination of the Contract. The Resident will receive notification of all changes.

Note: The first day of the Residence Hall Contract is the first date that housing is provided to the Resident. If a Resident enters into a Residence Hall Contract after the first day that housing is available, the first day of the Contract is the day it is signed, or first date of occupancy, whichever is earliest.