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Residential Life

Leadership Postions

Assistant Residence Hall Director                                 


The Assistance Residence Hall Director (ARHD): 1) works collaboratively with the Area Director (AD)/Residence Hall Director (RHD) to implement the objectives of the Department of Residential Life, and 2) coordinates customer service and supervises the reception desk operations and game room operations (where applicable).  This is accomplished through work with the other Residential Life staff assigned to the building to develop community, develop relationships, assess floor communities, programming, and support the academic pursuits of students.  The ARHD reports directly to the AD/RHD.


Supervise the reception desk operations and game room operations (where appropriate):

  • Hire, train and evaluate receptionists
  • Schedule receptionists for work shifts.
  • Monitor work-study allocations.
  • Submit payroll information and time sheets in a timely manner.
  • Perform weekly check of room key and tag key boxes, following up on any discrepancies.
  • Ensure supply of stamps and change is adequate to meet residents' needs.
  • Recommend changes in procedures.
  • Maintain supply of forms and records.

Perform the following administrative tasks as instructed by AD/RHD:

  • Ensure room inventories are current and reflect both the condition of the room and the name and permanent address of the current occupant.
  • Collect and maintain Hall Programming records.  This includes programming done by the RAs, ARHD, AD/RHD and Hall Council.
  • Facilitate the opening and closing of the residence hall for Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Ensure an adequate supply of forms exist in-hall for RAs and desk staff.
  • Participate in the ARHD on-duty rotation.
  • Provide input to the AD/RHD during the RA evaluation process in relation to those areas that the ARHD would have knowledge.
  • Participate in the selection, placement, training, on-going supervision and evaluation of RAs.

Counsel, advise, and serve as an advocate for students and staff:

  • Serve as a resource to students/staff regarding the BSU Student Conduct System.
  • Maintain a minimum of five office hours per week between the hours of 8 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday to be generally available to the staff and residents.
  • Remain informed and aware of Department of Residential Life philosophy and policies, and all aspects of student life in his/her assigned areas.
  • Assume responsibilities of the AD/RHD during periods of extended absence.

Participate in meetings and training opportunities.

  • Meet weekly with the AD/RHD.
  • Attend weekly RA staff meetings.
  • Be actively involved in RA selection.
  • Return early in the Fall for training and assist with RA training both in the Fall and Spring.
  • Assist with presentation of staff development activities of both individual and group nature.
  • Communicate through and participate in on-going training with other ARHDs.
  • Attend monthly department-wide staff in-services.

 Additional duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Work with RAs to assess floor needs and develop individual floor programming ideas.
  • Organize hall-wide team programming.
  • Assist with the advising of the Hall Council (HC) with the AD/RHD, this includes attending Hall Council and Executive Board meetings.
  • In Tamarack Hall: Coordinate the operation of the Paint Room including maintaining inventory of paint/supplies, and keeping accurate records, including the collection and return of damage deposits.  Assist with administrative responsibilities for Cedar Apartments.
  • In Oak Hall: Assist the Oak AD/RHD in supporting the First Year Residential Experience program (FYRE), by participating as a member of the FYRE Working Committee, and helping to develop strong working relationships between the Resident Assistant staff, Peer Academic Assistant staff, and Oak Hall Council.

Perform other duties as assigned by the AD/RHD.


Functional and administrative supervision is received from the AD/RHD.


Functional supervision is exercised over the RAs in the specific areas of community development through programming.

Functional supervision is exercised over the residence hall reception desk activities and game room operations (where applicable), including supervision of the reception desk staff.


It is required for the ARHD to have one year of residence hall work, counseling, programming, reception desk work or other Residential Life experience, with two years of experience preferred.  Must be enrolled at Bemidji State University and maintain full-time student status (12 undergraduate credits or 9 graduate credits) at all times during employment, and be sensitive to the demands of the job when determining class schedules.  ARHDs must have five weekly office hours between the hours of 8 AM - 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.  ARHDs wanting to take more than 16 credits per semester should consult with their supervisor (AD/RHD) before registering.  A minimum GPA of 2.00 (semester and cumulative) must be achieved upon hiring and for all subsequent periods of employment.  Must be in good standing with the university conduct system.


Remuneration for the ARHD will be a furnished apartment and a $3600.00 academic year stipend.