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Residential Life


Peer Academic Assistant

First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) Program


The Peer Academic Assistant (PAA) will serve as an integral part of the staff team working with the First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) Program. The position responsibilities are diverse and require a significant personal commitment toward facilitating an academic emphasis within the FYRE community.

PAAs work with several community groups within the FYRE program:

  • an Explorations Class,
  • a residence hall floor community,
  • the FYRE community as a whole, and
  • the Oak Hall Staff.



  • Participate in the development and implementation of FYRE Orientation. This includes attending and participating in programs, delivering academic programs, and developing relationships with the students.
  • Provide tutorial services in identified academic area(s).
  • Participate in a staffing rotation in the Academic Resource Center (ARC) and Oak Classroom, utilized for tutoring and quiet study locations (3-6 hours per week).
  • Staff the ARC, assisting students from all residence halls in their use of ARC resources.
  • Become familiar with campus academic resources and keep residents informed of their existence and functions.
  • Provide academic programs to meet student needs.
  • Develop and maintain an academic bulletin board on assigned floor with co-PAA.
  • Participate with assigned faculty in the delivery of a section of the Freshman Explorations Class. This includes attending the class each week, and attending office hours and other duties as expected by the faculty member.
  • Promote continued interaction between the students and their faculty advisor.
  • Assist in tracking the academic success of the assigned faculty member's advisees.
  • Assist students in identifying their academic goals.
  • Provide interpretation of academic policies and procedures.
  • Assist first year students during preregistration throughout the year.
  • Participate in Explorations Faculty Meetings.

Self Growth and Modeling

  • Serve as an appropriate role model to students by demonstrating good study habits, concern for the welfare of others, responsibility to one's community, positive social interactions, regard for a healthy lifestyle, and an open mind to diverse lifestyles, attitudes, and behaviors.
  • Serve as a role model on and off campus in observing Federal, State, and local laws, as well as University, and Residential Life guidelines and policies.

Staff Cooperation and Leadership

  • Function as a cooperative team member in relationships with staff, promote consistency, help solve mutual problems, provide support, and maintain prompt and open communication.
  • Develop necessary skills by attending weekly staff meetings, training sessions (including fall training prior to the start of the academic year, and training throughout the year), and individual meetings with the PAA Supervisor/Coordinator.
  • Support the hall government by attending and participating in meetings and events.
  • Assist the Resident Assistants with floor meetings, providing a focus on the academic environment and needs of the resident students.
  • Participate in activities as a resident and role model within the floor and building community. Serve as a Floor Advisory Board (FAB) member.
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by the PAA Supervisor/Coordinator.


Functional and administrative supervision is received by the PAA Supervisor/Coordinator. The faculty advisor will also give direction and input into the PAA's responsibilities.


Must be enrolled at Bemidji State University and maintain full-time student status (12 undergraduate credits or 9 graduate credits) at all times during employment, and be sensitive to the demands of the job when determining class schedules. PAAs wanting to take more than 18 credits per semester should consult with their supervisor before registering. A minimum GPA of 2.50 (semester and cumulative) must be achieved upon hiring and for all subsequent periods of employment. Must be in good standing with the university conduct system. Preference will be given to those with a strong, successful background in math, science, and English, although a well-rounded team will be developed with the eight positions. PAAs will reside in Oak Hall on a FYRE floor. The ideal candidates will also exhibit: personal academic excellence; interest in tutoring and instructing; interpersonal skills; responsibility; organizational skills; energy; motivation; initiative; knowledge of campus resources, advising, and registration; and problem-solving skills.


Remuneration for the Peer Academic Assistant will be a single-with-a-bath, a $1100 academic year cash stipend, and meals during the fall training period.