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Residential Life


Cedar Apartment Resident Assistant


The responsibilities of the Cedar Apartment Resident Assistant (RA) are diverse and require a significant personal commitment to make a contribution toward facilitating an environment that is conducive to learning and the growth of the whole student and family. The Cedar Apartment RA works collaboratively with Residential Life and other University staff in providing single parent residents of the Cedar Apartments a supportive personal, family, academic, and social environment.


Community Development

  1. Initiate, develop, and maintain ongoing relationships with each resident of the building. Conduct in-apartment meetings with each resident once per semester and as requested or necessary. Conduct apartment-wide meetings as requested by supervisor or residents. Maintain confidential documentation/files of contact with residents.
  2. Be available to residents on a regular basis; respond to emergency/crisis situations.
  3. Plan and facilitate programs for residents. Identify the needs and interests of residents in order to promote a well-balanced offering of programs designed to enhance residents' learning, growth, and development. Encourage resident involvement in the planning and implementation of programs.
  4. Become familiar with campus and community resources and keep residents informed of their existence and functions.
  5. Assist in enforcing the quiet time agreed upon by the Cedar Council during fall, spring, and summer semesters.
  6. Assist individuals and groups in achieving a resolution to conflicts.
  7. Educate residents in their rights and responsibilities as community members of the University and serve as an advocate for residents when appropriate.
  8. Use the bulletin boards in a constructive, creative way.

Academic Support

  1. Promote an environment that supports academic success.
  2. Provide opportunities that allow residents and faculty persons to interact with one another outside of the traditional classroom setting.


  1. Function as a cooperative team member in relationships with staff, promote consistency, help solve mutual problems, provide personal and paraprofessional support, and maintain prompt and open communication with all members of the Residential Life staff.
  2. Develop necessary skills by attending staff meetings, training sessions, and individual meetings with the Area Director/Residence Hall Director.
  3. Share in the Department of Residential Life evaluation process by completing evaluation procedures and openly sharing and receiving feedback from building residents, peers, and supervisors.
  4. Participate in Department of Residential Life leadership and committee opportunities.
  5. Work cooperatively with hall government by attending & helping publicize activities/events.
  6. Promote Cedar Council and campus leadership opportunities among residents. Support the Cedar Council representatives in fulfilling responsibilities.
  7. Attend monthly department-wide staff in-services.

Administrative Duties

  1. Provide administrative support for residents by completing check-in/out procedures, facilitating floor meetings at the beginning of each semester, aiding in the room transfer process, adhering to deadlines, responding to emergency/crisis situations, and serving as liaison to Department of Residential Life.
  2. Assist in the maintenance and improvement of physical facilities by promptly reporting damages or other concerns, promoting positive relationships with maintenance and custodial staffs, encouraging student responsibility, and making suggestions for facility improvements.
  3. Consistently enforce the University Code of Conduct and University policies and regulations. Seek an educational resolution to incidents and conflicts.
  4. Post and share all information in adherence to the Department of Residential Life Solicitation Policy and as instructed by the Area/Residence Hall Director or designee.
  5. Perform other tasks as assigned by the Area/Residence Hall Director.


Functional and administrative supervision is received from the Area Director/Residence Hall Director and the Assistant Residence Hall Director as designated by the AD/RHD.


Must be a single parent. Must be enrolled at Bemidji State University and maintain full-time student status (12 undergraduate credits or 9 graduate credits) at all times during employment, and be sensitive to the demands of the job when determining class schedules. RAs wanting to take more than 18 credits per semester should consult with their supervisor (Ad/RHD) before registering. A minimum GPA of 2.00 (semester and cumulative) must be achieved upon hiring and for all subsequent periods of employment. Must have had some experience in a group living situation. Must be in good standing with the University conduct system (no conduct probation) and have no major conduct code violations.


Remuneration for the Resident Assistant for the academic year will be a two-bedroom apartment, $1000 in Beaver Bucks, and a $1000 cash stipend. During the summer (May 15 - August 15), remuneration will be a two-bedroom apartment.