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Residential Life

Your Community

Being a Member of a Community

Positive community is powerful. Students interacting with and helping each other, holding each other accountable, and creating a positive living and learning environment is the the strength of residence hall living. However for it to work, all members must contribute positively toward floor unity. As you consider your floor and hall community, please also consider how your decisions and behavior affect others. We all have the responsibility to behave civilly, responsibly, and respectfully. Be positive, be respectful of each other, get involved, and have fun learning!

Community Is . . .

  • A place where you live (your floor, your hall, your college) where you can expect to engage in civil interactions with you peers without the fear of reprisal while at the same time celebrating your individual life-styles and differences.
  • A place where you are responsible for and respectful of the facilities your share.
  • A place where you share the same goal of getting an education and making lifelong friendships.

Your community is . . .

  • As respectful as you make it
  • As friendly as you make it
  • As quiet as you make it
  • As clean as you make it
  • As civil as you make it