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Residential Life

Open Borders Learning Community Video Collection

Title/Country Genre Mins/Rating
Affliction (USA) Drama 115 minutes (R)
Set in a cold and harsh New England town, the Village Voice hails ?Affliction? as an American classic. Nick Nolte plays Wade Whitehouse, a small-town cop trying to come to terms with his violent childhood and his own abusive tendencies. The role garnered Nolte an Academy Award nomination for best actor. 1997. (English)

All About My Mother (Spain) Drama 101 minutes (R)
Winner of the 1999 Academy Award for best foreign language film, ?All About My Mother? is considered the masterpiece of legendary Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. Both comic and dramatic, the story follows Manuela, a strong-willed hospital worker whose 18-year-old son's accidental death transforms her life. Reading his journals, the grief-stricken Manuela realizes that he longed to discover the father he never knew, and she embarks on a search for the man she left nearly 20 years before. This film, which co-stars Penelope Cruz, was named best picture of the year by Time magazine. 1999. (Spanish with English subtitles)

American Splendor (USA) Drama/Comedy 101 minutes (R)

Angel Baby (Australia) Drama 100 minutes (R)
It's love at first insight when Kate joins Harry's therapy group. In no time, they've moved in together and Harry stops swallowing his pills. But when Kate gets pregnant and goes off her medication, their idyllic existence suddenly darkens. ?Angel Baby? never overshoots the dramatic mark, nor succumbs to sentimentality. This film swept the top honors at the Australian Film Institute ceremony. 1997. (English)

Apostle, The (USA) Drama 134 minutes (PG-13)

Before the Rain (Macedonia) Drama 112 minutes (R)
Nominated for the 1995 Academy Award for best foreign language picture, ?Before the Rain? was hailed by Roger Ebert as a brilliant directorial debut as well as the first world-class film to emerge from the war-ravaged Balkans. The film examines the ways tribal and ethnic bloodshed devastate people?s lives. According to Premiere Magazine, ?it will haunt you for days.? 1995. (English and Macedonian with English subtitles)

Behind the Sun (Brazil) Drama 91 minutes (PG-13)
Revenge is an unstoppable force that is anything but sweet in a remote part of Brazil where grudges last for generations and duty and honor reign supreme. ?Breathtaking,? says National Public Radio. 2001. (Portuguese with English subtitles)

Beyond Silence (Germany) Drama 107 minutes (R)
A heart-warming coming-of-age story about a hearing daughter (and gifted musician) of two deaf parents. Nominated for an Academy Award for best foreign language picture, ?Beyond Silence? was directed by Caroline Link, who won the award in 2002 for her film ?Nowhere in Africa.? 1996. (German with English subtitles)

Brassed Off (England) Drama/Comedy 101 minutes (R)

Breaking the Waves (Denmark) Drama 152 minutes (R)

Burnt by the Sun (Russia/France) Drama 134 minutes (R)
Winner of 1995's Best Foreign Film Oscar, Burnt by the Sun is set in 1936 Russia, nineteen years after the Communist Revolution and well into Stalin's reign of terror. Kotov, a military hero of the Revolution, and his family are spending a happy and peaceful summer at a rural retreat when his wife?s former lover suddenly reappears, irrevocably altering the loving relationship between Kotov and his wife as secrets, both new and old, come to light, and deep-seated jealousy bubbles to the surface. 1995. (Russian with English subtitles)

Career Girls (England) Drama 87 minutes (R)

Character (Netherlands) Drama 126 minutes (R)
Winner of the Academy Award for best foreign language film, ?Character? is set in the Netherlands in the 1920s where a cold-hearted and feared police officer is found dead with a knife through his heart. The mystery slowly unravels in what Time magazine calls ?a true epic.? 1997. (Dutch with English subtitles)

Close to Eden (Mongolia) Drama 109 minutes (PG)

Cold Fever (Iceland) Comedy 85 minutes (NR)
?Cold Fever? features of an out-of- place foreigner meeting native oddballs in a quirky, yet somber comedy about a young Japanese executive who goes to Iceland to perform a funeral ritual for his parents who were killed there in an accident. To fulfill this obligation, he has to drive across Iceland in the dead of winter on single-lane highways with ominous road signs that ask, ``Does anyone know you are going this way?' 1995. (Icelandic and Japanese with English subtitles)

Crooklyn (USA) Comedy 114 minutes (PG-13)

Cyclo (Vietnam) Drama 123 minutes (NR)
Bizarre, arresting, and wholly original, Cyclo is like nothing you've ever seen. Set in modern-day Ho Chi Minh City, the film plunges the audience into the seamy, restless underbelly of Vietnam's most famous city. Our guide is 18-year-old Cyclo, one of the thousands of young men who make their meager living shuttling nameless passengers throughout the city via ?cyclos,? large, three-wheeled bicycles with seats attached to their fronts. Cyclo's father -- also a cyclo driver -- was killed in a recent traffic accident and memories of his father's admonitions to ?try to find a better life? weigh heavily upon the young man's soul. Winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. 1995. (Vietnamese and French with English subtitles)

Dark Eyes (Italy) Comedy 118 minutes (NR)
A wonderfully enjoyable romantic comedy, ?Dark Eyes? is a beautifully photographed and absolutely riveting film. Several Anton Chekov's short stories form the basis of this charming film about Romano Patroni (Marcello Mastroianni), a hopeless romantic who shares his life story with passengers on a cruise ship.Romani is taking and who listens with rapt attention to Romano's story. Mastroianni?s performance won him a best actor award at the Cannes Film Festival. 1987. (Italian and Russian with English subtitles)

Dead Tired (France) Comedy 85 minutes (NR)
Starring Michel Blanc (known as the French Woody Allen), ?Dead Tired? is a clever comedy about a famous actor?s film double who begins to impersonate the actor in real life. ?Dead Tired? received best screenplay honors at the 1995 Cannes Film Festival. 1995. (French with English subtitles)

Dona Flor & Her Two Husbands (Brazil) Comedy 106 minutes (NR)
Starring Michel Blanc (known as the French Woody Allen), ?Dead Tired? is a clever comedy about a famous actor?s film double who begins to impersonate the actor in real life. ?Dead Tired? received best screenplay honors at the 1995 Cannes Film Festival. 1995. (French with English subtitles)

Eat Drink Man Woman (Taiwan) Comedy 124 minutes (NR)
Ang Lee's family comedy, Eat Drink Man Woman, serves up a rich gallery of sharply defined characters--a master chef, his three daughters and their lovers. It's a comedy of manners, a celebration of Chinese food, and a poignant chronicle of change and dissolution, as the family breaks apart in unexpected ways. A fresh and funny film the New York Times calls ?an irresistible, almost edible treat.? 1995. (Chinese with English subtitles)

Election (USA) Comedy 103 minutes (R)
This wickedly sly satire chronicles the fortunes of Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon), a cheerful, power-hungry go-getter who is running for student body president in a Nebraska high school. This dynamo, who has a dark side, will stop at nothing to achieve success. Her nemesis, however, turns out to be none other than the school's favorite civics teacher, Mr. McAllister (Matthew Broderick). Tracy is running unopposed until Mr. McAllister persuades a popular and hapless jock to take a chance on running, now that his broken leg will keep him out of football. Big mistake, Mr. M.! 1999. (English)

Following (England?) Suspense 70 minutes (R)
Christopher Nolan, who later helmed ?Memento,? makes his directorial debut in this film, a ?. film ?Memento?Directed by Christopher Nolan. 1999. (English)

Flawless (USA) Drama/Comedy 111 minutes (R)

400 Blows, The (France) Drama 97 minutes (NR)

Funeral, The (Japan) Comedy 124 minutes (NR)
A funeral is no laughing matter - except in the hands of director Juzo Itami. An old man?s unexpected death creates hilarious havoc in this ly comedy of manners where members of the younger generation try to understand and adhere to the cultural expectations of their elders. The Los Angeles Times calls ?The Funeral? ones of the best films of the year, one with ?truly universal appeal.? 1987. (Japanese with English subtitles)

Home and the World, The (India) Drama 130 minutes (NR)
Famed Indian director Satyajit Ray uses the upswing in Bengali national sentiment against British colonial rule in the early part of the 20th century as a backdrop for this tale of politics, love, and betrayal. A wealthy man decides that his wife should adopt modern sensibilities and leave her secluded quarters in the house to see the real world. Unfortunately, she falls in love with her husband's best friend, a firebrand revolutionary, and the husband has to choose between his beliefs and his marriage. 1984. (Bengali and English with English subtitles)

Hoop Dreams (USA) Documentary 176 minutes (PG-13)

In & Out (USA) Comedy 92 minutes (PG-13)
Kevin Kline stars as smalltown high school drama teacher Howard Brackett, whose life is turned upside down when his star-pupil-turned-Hollywood-hearthrob (Matt Dillon) wins the Best Actor Oscar - and uses his acceptance speech to "out" Brackett a la Tom Hanks. The problem, you see, is that Brackett is not really gay; in fact, he has plans to marry his longtime fiancee later that week. At least that's what most people, including Brackett, think. But amid the anxiety of his impending matrimony and a media feeding frenzy led by a gay tabloid reporter (Tom Selleck), Brackett begins reexamining his sexuality. 1997. (English)

Kolya (Czech Republic) Drama 105 minutes (PG-13)
A confirmed bachelor is shocked to find himself a father -- of sorts -- in Kolya, a Czech film that received best foreign language film accolades at the Oscars and Golden Globes. Louka, an aging playboy, is paid to marry a Russian woman wanting to emigrate to Czechoslavakia. The scheme backfires, however, when his "bride" bolts, leaving behind her young Russian son, Kolya, who becomes Louka's unexpected and unwanted responsibility. Could there be a latent father hidden within this middle-aged Don Juan? 1996. (Czech with English subtitles)

Lantana (Australia) Mystery 120 minutes (R)
A missing person?s case sets the stage for this ?remarkably conceived mystery,? according to Premiere magazine. Winner of seven Australian Film Institute Awards, Lantana stars a powerful ensemble cast as four couples are drawn into a tangled web of love, deceit, sex, and death. The Film Journal calls it ?a masterpiece.? 2001. (English)

Maborosi (Japan) Drama 110 minutes (NR)
An impressive feature debut for documentary director Hirokazu Kore-eda, "Maborosi" (Japanese for "mirage") is a haunting, unusual work that is almost more meditation than motion picture. "Maborosi" tells the tale of Yumiko, a happy young woman with a newborn son whose husband inexplicably commits suicide one night by walking into an oncoming train. Named ?Best Film? at the Chicago International Film Festival. 1998. (Japanese with English subtitles)

Man of Marble (Poland) Drama 160 minutes (NR)
?Man of Marble? is a masterpiece of Eastern European cinema and has been called the Polish ?Citizen Kane.? It takes the form of an investigation by a film student who interviews acquaintances of naïve bricklayer Mateusz Birkut, who briefly became a proletariat hero during the 1950s communist regime. As the picture of his turbulent, tragic life unfolds, so, too, does that of our heroine, whose determination to complete the film and discover exactly what became of her subject comes up against tough opposition. 1976. (Polish with English subtitles)

Mister Johnson (England) Comedy/Drama 105 minutes (PG-13)
Bruce Beresford's adaptation of Joyce Cary's novel is an intriguing tale of a well-educated Nigerian (Maynard Eziashi) working for a white magistrate (Pierce Brosnan) in British Colonial Nigeria. Aspiring to be treated as an equal of the white British around him, he is neither accepted by them nor by his fellow villagers. What starts out as a comic clash of cultures, later develops into an emotional drama dealing with racism and Colonialism. 1990. (English)

Out of Sight (USA) Suspense 123 MInutes (PG-13)
Steven Soderbergh directs this film about a police officer (Jennifer Lopez) who chases after a bank robber (George Clooney), but is she chasing for justice or for love? Variety hails ?Out of Sight? as ?a sly, sexy, vastly entertaining film.? Rolling Stone says ?Clooney and Lopez ignite sparks on the screen.? 1998. (English)

Pathfinder (Norway) Adventure 86 minutes (NR)
Oscar-nominated adventure film based on an ancient Lapland legend involving an orphaned teenage boy taking on a band of brutal warriors. The story follows Aigin as he returns from a hunting trip to discover that his family has been massacred by the brutal Tchude tribe. Seeking sanctuary in the next village, he meets the pathfinder Raste. Between them, they devise a plan for revenge. A highly entertaining mix of action and Nordic mysticism peppered with fascinating Lapland detail. 1987. (Lapp with English subtitles)

Pelle the Conquerer (Sweden) Drama 138 minutes (PG-13)
"Pelle the Conqueror" won the best film award at Cannes, and the Best Foreign Language film at the Golden Globes and Academy Awards. All prizes were well deserved for this coming of age story of Pelle Karlsson who travels to Denmark with his father (Max Von Sydow) to seek a better life after the death of his mother. What they find are harsh conditions working on the farm of a tyrant. Pelle and his father endure the cruelties thrown their way because of their alien status and their lowly station in life. Pelle, however, eventually rages against his fate and sets off for a life of adventure ? to conquer the world. 1988. (Swedish with English subtitles)

Perez Family, The (USA) Romance/Comedy 135 minutes (R)

Pickpocket (France) Drama 75 minutes (NR)

Royal Tenebaums, The (USA) Comedy 109 minutes (R)

Rushmore (USA) Comedy 93 minutes (R)

Shall We Dance? (Japan) Comedy 119 minutes (PG)
"Shall We Dance?" opens like a mid-life crisis romance. A Tokyo salaryman becomes captivated by a beautiful woman he glimpses in the window of a dance studio. He pursues lessons to meet her. What begins as infatuation for a young woman, however, develops into a love of dance, and our hero finds himself caught up in a world far outside his office--of tangos, dance competitions and fun. What he really wants, it seems, is not a fling, but the chance to spread his wings outside the stifling confines of the conservative regimentation of life. One of the funniest Japanese films in years. 1996. (Japanese with English subtitles)

Signs (USA) Drama 106 minutes (PG-13)

State and Main (USA) Comedy 106 minutes (R)

Sweet and Lowdown (USA) Comedy 95 minutes (PG-13)

Swingers (USA) Comedy 96 minutes (R)

Time and Tide (Hong Kong) Action 113 minutes (R)
Famed martial arts director Tsui Hark provides non-stop action that features incredible stunt work as drug lords face off on the streets of Hong Kong. Ebert and Roeper give ?Time and Tide? two thumbs up. 2000. (Cantonese with English subtitles)

Vagabond (France) Drama 105 inutes (NR)
1985. (French with English subtitles)

Vanishing, The (Netherlands) Suspense 107 minutes (NR)
A young couple stops at a rest area. The woman skips off to buy sodas and then disappears. The man?s panic mounts as he realizes the police can?t find a single clue. The mystery becomes unbearable. ?The Vanishing? is a psychological jigsaw puzzle that received more than a dozen international film awards. Add to that its famous ending, routinely praised as one of the most unnerving in modern cinema, and you have a disturbing film that both shocks and haunts. 1988. (Dutch with English subtitles)

Virgin Suicides, The (USA) Drama 97 minutes (R)

When Father Was Away (Yugoslavia) Comedy 144 minutes (R)
Six-year-old Malik assumes that the womanizing sprees on which his father, Mesa, regularly disappears, are in fact high-powered business trips. But when a jealous mistress denounces Mesa to the police, accusing him of counter-revolutionary Stalinism, it's a three-year spell in a labor camp for him, and more brittle, witty irony from the director. Named Best Film at the Cannes Film Festival. 1985. (Yugoslavian with English subtitles)

White Man's Burden (USA) Drama 89 minuets (R)

World Apart, A (South Africa) Drama 114 minutes (PG)
Set in Johannesburg in 1963, ?A World Apart? is an utterly convincing, impeccably constructed indictment of apartheid. Jodhi May plays Molly Roth, a white South African teenager whose world is turned upside down when her father, an ANC official, departs in the middle of the night not to return. Molly?s mother, an anti-apartheid activist played by Barbara Hershey, is later arrested. The film is driven by the tension between May's resentment at what she perceives as her mother's neglect, and her gradual understanding of the political imperatives by which her mother is compelled. The performances in ?A World Apart? are uniformly excellent with Barbara Hershey, Jodhi May, and Linda Mvusi sharing Best Actress awards at the Cannes Film Festival. 1988. (English)

Wonder Boys (USA) Comedy/Drama 112 minutes (R)