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Residential Life


Residential Life Resources

Peer Academic Assistant (PAA) tutoring:

Located in the Academic Resource Centers in Oak, Pine, and Tamarack Hall.

Also located on individual floors in study rooms - see the PAA schedule and areas of specialty posted on PAA room doors and in the ARC.

Academic Resource Center

Located in Oak, Pine, and Tamarack Halls and staffed by peer students, the Academic Resource Centers contain literature related to academic skills, unique programs, and resources. A computerized career guidance program, "Discover" and individual study rooms also available in the Oak ARC. Also available in all ARC's are:

  • Group study in the ARC
  • Study Sessions or "Tables" for individual courses
  • Individual or group tutoring through the PAAs
  • Resources: study, career, professional and graduate student testing


The residence halls provide a computer network environment that links each room to a campus network. This network is connected to a high speed T1 internet line. This allows for residents to share information on the network and access outside information at high speeds. Wireless internet is also available in all residence halls, with the exception of Cedar Hall.

More information is available from Information Technology Services:

Community Resources

What is there to do in Bemidji?

Tons! Music, theatre, area attractions . . . check out these sites to learn more: