September 20, 1999

Attendance: Officers

President Scott Sirek (31)(3-0-0)

Vice Pres. Kristie Anderson (79)(3-0-0)

Treasurer Erica Jonckowski (26)(3-0-0)

Speaker Jamie Barthel (20)(3-0-0)

Leg. Affairs Heather Wuollet (16)(3-0-0)

Acad. Affairs Kameron Schorn (51)(3-0-0)

Student Services Nathan Voss (22)(3-0-0)

Public Relations Curt Albertson (6) (2-0-1)

Cultural Awareness Jesse Grandbois (14)(2-0-1)

MSUSA CD Rep. Gregory Kelly (18)(2-0-1)

MSUSA Campus Rep. TJ Melcher (27)(2-0-1)

Sergeant at Arms Andrew Hayden (16)(2-0-1)

Kim Dennig (16)(3-0-0)

David Hanson (23)(2-1-0)

Aneesh Goyal (12) (1-0-2)

Greg Ueland (6)(2-0-1)

Jason Schaumburg (2)(2-0-1)

Nicholas Varien (6)(3-0-0)

Angie Nelson (7)(0-0-3)

Advisor: Ken Brandt

Guests: Sean McDermott and Shane Wahl, Northern Student

Attendance is as follows: (# of Senate meetings attended)-(Term attendance-unexcused-excused).

The Meeting was called to order at 3:30 PM in the Ozawindib Room

Agenda - With no objection moved to approve.

Minutes - With no objection move to approve the minutes of September 20, 1999 minutes.

President Sirek – The SAC forum went good. We got a lot of student input and will be setting up more forums. Hopefully in Walnut dining hall next. The conference at Southwest in Marshall went good. Morey Anderson from MnSCU flew in to the conference to work with us. We talked about the tuition increase. I attended the Tech College DFL caucus to discuss issues in rural northern Minnesota and BSU. Talked to Legislature to give MnSCU more money. Cabinet meetings are at 5 PM on Wednesdays. We need to write letters to MnSCU and the Legislature about our issues each month.

Treasurer Jonckowski – We have 9,509.91 in our budget, same as last week.

Academic Affairs Schorn – Meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday at 11:00 am. We’ll be looking at credit transfer issues and starting an outstanding faculty program/award.

Legislative Affairs Chair Wuollet – My meeting is Thursday at 3 PM. We will be looking at the Conference Lobby Agenda and we have some constitutions to go over.

Student Services Voss – Meetings are Thursdays at 3:30 PM. If anyone knows what I should do let me know.

Vice President Anderson – The Conference went well and was fun. It is worth Senate considering taking its own stance regarding Chancellor Anderson to strengthen MSUSA’s position. Office hour sign-in is improving, keep up the good work. Committee’s must be meeting now. Chairs post signs if you cancel. Committee meeting notes should be put in the basket on my desk. The rededication of the Library will be on October 1 at 4 PM. The committee has asked any interested student to join the book progression from Memorial to the Library. They will be meeting in Memorial at 3:30. All who can attend should, it will be good PR for BSU and Senate. City council looking at nothing relating to BSU tonight.

Public Relations – by Sirek Meetings are Monday at 2:00 PM. I am thinking of splitting the public relations and have one do organization of phone calls, posters, etc. The other does distribution like PSAs, radio stations and TV.

Cultural Awareness Grandbois – There was no meeting last week. There will be one this week. I am going to get a hold of someone from ISO. I am going to help start re-organization "The Video", as well as organizing some kind of meeting between leaders of different diversity groups around campus.

MSUSA Campus Report – by Sirek – The conference went very good. We went down on Friday. The Chancellor talked with us and answered questions and set ideals. Hopefully this will be a better year. The Board met Friday night. Committees met all day on Saturday. Discussed the Pell Grant payback if a student withdraws from school after so many days. Debate on Morey Anderson and MnSCU Board. IFO took a stance to support Morey Anderson, also MASC and MSUSA.

MSUSA report – by Anderson

MSUSA Rep. Melcher – Monitors are going to have more into them to read about the different universities. Turn info into me so I can send it down. Public Relations will help distribute the Monitors. We are having a Cultural Diversity event here at BSU paid for by MSUSA. All the universities commented on the good relationship we have with the Northern Student. We are the only Senate that has a good relationship with their student paper. Lobby Day we need to get a large group of students to go. We had great attendance in the committee meetings at the Conference. There is a $38.00 cancelation fee if you can’t go to the conference after the list has been sent down. HESO is the governing body over all the universities and they handle the money. If the state doesn’t use it all the money goes back and then they give it to the private institutions. It’s a worthless group. HESO won’t meet with the Chancellor or MSUSA. We will vote at the Fall Conference to vote against HESO.

MSUSA Cultural Diversity Rep Kelly – I am working on the video and sorry I couldn’t attend the conference. I’m trying to organize a group of people to help me with the video.



Elections – The applications are due on Sept. 24, 1999 by noon. Vote. Passed.

Appointments – Parking Committee – I recommend Andy Hayden. Vote. Passed.

University Conduct Board – Scott Sirek, Kim Dennig, TJ Melcher, and Andy Hayden. Vote. Passed.

Academic Computing Committee – Greg Kelly (student at large) passed.

Cultural Diversity Committee with Lorena Cook – Jesse Grandbois. Vote. Passed.

Native American Center Planning Committee – Jesse Grandbois. Vote. Passed.

Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities – Nick Varien and Kristie Anderson. Vote. Passed.

Environmental Task Force Committee – Shane Wahl and Greg Kelly. Vote. Passed.

Naming Committee – TJ Melcher

Accreditation Committee – Andy Hayden. Vote. Passed.

Beautification Committee – Andy Hayden and Nick Varien. Vote. Passed.

Student Service Program Planning – Nate Voss. Vote. Passed.

SAFAC – Amanda Carrolton and Carl Nordstrom. Vote. Passed.

Dance Club – Sean McDermott as Chair. Vote. Passed.

Dance Club Committee sign up Jesse Grandbois, Scott Sirek, and Jaime Barthel.


Sirek – I will speak at the Library dedication on behalf of the Senate.

Hayden – Can they have the basketball back board and hoop moved into the new library?

Sirek – I will check on that.

Melcher – how many seats are open on the Senate?

Sirek – Everyone not on Senate now run in the fall elections. You need to attend 2 senate meetings and 1 committee meeting.

Barthel – fall has 14 seats and 4 are full now.

Voss/Hayden moved to adjourn at 4:45 p.m.