October 18, 1999

Attendance: Officers

President Scott Sirek (34)(6-0-0)

Vice Pres. Kristie Anderson (82)(6-0-0)

Treasurer Erica Jonckowski (28)(5-0-1)

Speaker Jamie Barthel (23)(6-0-0)

Leg. Affairs Heather Wuollet (19)(6-0-0)

Acad. Affairs Kameron Schorn (54)(6-0-0)

Student Services Nathan Voss (24)(5-0-1)

Public Relations Curt Albertson (8) (4-1-1)

Cultural Awareness Jesse Grandbois (17)(5-0-1)

MSUSA CD Rep. Gregory Kelly (21)(5-0-1)

MSUSA Campus Rep. TJ Melcher (30)(5-0-1)

Sergeant at Arms Andrew Hayden (18)(4-0-2)

Kim Dennig (19)(6-0-0)

Aneesh Goyal (15) (4-0-2)

Greg Ueland (9)(5-0-1)

Jason Schaumburg (5)(5-0-1)

Nicholas Varien (9)(6-0-0)

Angie Nelson (7)(loa)

Curt Albertson (8) (4-2-1)

Shannon Anderson (2)(2-0-0)

Jodi Baumgard (2)(2-0-0)

Trevor Carstens (2)(2-0-0)

Tanya Cox (2)(2-0-0)

Greig Dahlke (2)(2-0-0)

Nils Hoyum (1)(1-0-0)

Ryan Johnson (1)(1-0-0)

Justin Klander (2)(2-0-0)

Sean McDermott (2)(2-0-0)

Casey Pearson (1)(1-0-0)

Karl Runningen (0)(0-0-0)

Jill M Thompson (2)(2-0-0)

Brent Waale (2)(2-0-0)

Advisor: Ken Brandt

Guests: Shane Wahl, Northern Student

Attendance is as follows: (# of Senate meetings attended)-(Term attendance-unexcused-excused).

The Meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM in the Maple Hall Lounge

Agenda - With no objection moved to approve.

Minutes - With no objection move to approve the minutes of October 11, 1999 minutes.

Speaker – discussed parliamentary procedure and the speaker’s list.

President Sirek – discussed the role of Student Senate regarding our campus. Concerns arise and are passed from President or Vice-President to committee chairs and to committees. Also discussed MSUSA’s role. Participate in conferences and lobbying days to make a difference. The Lobbying trip to Washington DC has an effect. MnSCU issues we will discuss further as they come closer. I am going to Res Life meeting tonight at 9 pm to discuss safety issues. Called MSUSA about work-study eligibility issue. Possibly to start an ad-hoc committee to study the issue. Attended SAFAC and got money for TJ to go to Washington DC. Narrowed the list for Fall Conference. Discussed the poster issue, and he will meet again next week in the office before the Senate meeting. Discussed upcoming SAAC forum, Tuesday at 4:30 pm in Wally’s. Ryan Kulikowski, State Chair, will be coming up October 24-26 (tentatively).

Vice President Anderson – sign-in looks good. We still need some people to sign in, but those who are are doing great, keep it up. Committee sign up looks good. All committee’s should be meeting by next week (including PR), so make sure you show up for your meeting or call if something major comes up. Keep the office clean.

Treasurer Jonckowski – no report

Academic Affairs Schorn – no report

Legislative Affairs Chair Wuollet – We looked over two constitutions and we returned them both. We also continued contacting organizations without up to date constitutions.

Student Services Voss – Just a reminder, our meetings are still at 3:30 on Wednesdays in the Student Senate office. Since our last meeting we’ve been working on some parking options, consulting the bookstore manager and Tom Faecke about the reasoning for closing off the OPC half of the lower union over by the climbing wall, and discussing our stance with security’s reports to the Northern Student regarding conduct code violations that might be pertinent to the safety of students in general. As of this Wednesday the Student Services committee will be making quick reports to answer the questions we decided to look into. After these reports we will be inspecting the Student Senate’s lockers to make sure all of the ones not in use are still working properly and giving students a one week notification if they are not registered. If anyone has heard of any student complaints. Please leave a message in my mailbox, or reach me at

Public Relations – no report

Cultural Awareness Grandbois – Just worked on Poster/Columbus issue.

MSUSA Cultural Diversity Rep Kelly – Andrea Rustch will be here tomorrow. Planning Feast of Nations dinner for MSUSA, our cultural diversity event for our spring conference. Pow-Wow will probably also be that weekend. Burning video will be done soon, shooting is November 9th.

MSUSA Campus Report – Fall conference is coming up. PR is helping distribute Monitors.



Appointments – Kellie Gavin to the Environmental Advisory Committee. Vote 15-1-0 passed.

Justin Klander to the Public Relations Committee Chair. Vote 16-0-0 passed.

Kim Dennig Senate Rep to the Environmental Advisory Committee. Vote passed.


Miranda clauson – MSUSA media conference is November 5th. They have breakout sessions on various issues. If anyone is interested drop a note to Miranda Clauson.

Discussed the lack of soap dispensers on campus in the residential halls.

Moved to adjourn at 5:00 p.m.