November 15, 1999

Attendance: Officers

President Scott Sirek (38)(10-0-0)

Vice Pres. Kristie Anderson (86)(10-0-0)

Treasurer Erica Jonckowski (32)(9-0-1)

Speaker Jamie Barthel (27)(10-0-0)

Leg. Affairs Heather Wuollet (23)(10-0-0)

Acad. Affairs Kameron Schorn (58)(10-0-0)

Student Services Nathan Voss (27)(8-0-2)

Public Relations Justin Klander (6)(6-0-0)

Cultural Awareness Jesse Grandbois (21)(9-0-1)


MSUSA Campus Rep. TJ Melcher (33)(8-0-2)

Sergeant at Arms Andrew Hayden (22)(8-0-2)

Kim Dennig (23)(10-0-0)

Greg Ueland (13)(9-0-1)

Jason Schaumburg (6)(6-0-4)

Nicholas Varien (13)(10-0-0)

Angie Nelson (7)(loa)

Shannon Anderson (5)(5-0-1)

Jodi Baumgard (5)(5-0-1)

Trevor Carstens (6)(6-0-0)

Tanya Cox (5)(5-1-0)

Greig Dahlke (5)(5-0-1)

Nils Hoyum (5)(5-0-0)

Ryan Johnson (4)(4-0-1)

Sean McDermott (5)(5-0-1)

Casey Pearson (4)(4-1-0)

Karl Runningen (3)(3-2-0)

Jill M Thompson (5)(5-0-1)

Brent Waale (6)(6-0-0)

Advisor: Ken Brandt

Guests: Tom Faecke, Jon Quistgaard, Shane Wahl with Northern Student,

Attendance is as follows: (# of Senate meetings attended)-(Term attendance-unexcused-excused).

The Meeting was called to order at 3:30 PM in the Ozawindib

Agenda - With no objection moved to approve.

Minutes - With no objection move to approve the minutes of November 8, 1999 minutes.

Guest Speaker – Tom Faecke, thank you for the opportunity to come back. Handout of the proposed tuition increase of all the universities and 2 year schools that were taken off of the MnSCU web site today. I am going to the MnSCU Board meeting in the cities tomorrow. There is no increase in yet for BSU as you can see on the MnSCU handout. BSU is struggling to maintain programs. We would like to hear from you and receive a recommendation from you to take to MnSCU.

Melcher – 2001 is blank. What do you see for 2001?

Faecke – we want to hear from you, a recommendation.


Sirek – If we agree to full raise of 7 ½ % would President Bensen agree not to go above inflation increase the next year.

Quistgaard – It would be hard to set it at that, because of inflation fluctuates. If enrollment drops we have to cover that.


Sirek – is it possible to tap into the reserve?

Faecke – the option is there but I have to talk to MnSCU tomorrow about that. We would like the suggestion from you by Thursday.

Sirek – I have a meeting with President Bensen on Thursday.

Dennig – Part-time tuition is to high it should be frozen.

Faecke – part-time students cost the same as full-time students.

President Sirek - Check your mailboxes. I have been putting things in the boxes and you are not looking at them. We need to allocate $95.00 for the burning video. Discus paying Jason Schaumburg for gas for the Conference in September. There is a new tuition bill later. We have a reserve to tap into, raise tuition a couple % and do a compromise.

Vice-President Anderson – I need spring schedules as soon as possible. We have two meetings left, one on November 29 and one on December 6. New meeting time will be announced on December 6. SB-99F-03 has been revised. We need to decide tonight, so someone suspend the rules please. City Council meeting tonight and rumor of discussion regarding the High School sale to MnSCU but not on the Agenda. If anyone can go and check it would be helpful my class is scheduled to run it’s full time tonight.

Treasurer Jonckowski – We spent $600.00 on Fall Conference, $70.00 for supplies, and $21.60 for advertising. We have $7,662.28 in our budget.

Legislative Affairs Chair Wuollet – We have the Council of Indian Students Constitution ready and also a Constitution Approval Check Sheet. We are working on redoing the sample constitution.

Academic Affairs Chair – We are evaluating the Graduate Studies Program and the next meeting is Wednesday at 9:30 AM this week.

Student Services Chair Voss - We are working on student complaints and taking applications for the Student Disability Scholarship.

Public Relations Chair Klander – We are working on debates on campus for Kinkel. We are re-doing the bulletin boards. We are working on getting the suggestion boxes up. Working on doing an outing to get to know each other better. Looking into doing shirts for the BSU Student Senate.

Sirek – We are having a retreat for Cabinet at the Hobson Cabin on Dec. 3-5. Within a month after this one we will do a full Senate retreat.

MSUSA Campus Rep. Melcher – I leave for DC on Wednesday. If you have any issues put them in my box. BSU was well represented at the Conference.

MSUSA Cultural Diversity Rep. – none.


Computer Information Systems Constitution. Vote. Passed.


BSU Graduate Student Constitution first reading.

Council of Indian Students Constitution first reading.

SB-99F-03 revised bill on tuition increase read by Kristie Anderson. Dennig/Anderson moved to suspend the rules to vote on the bill today. Vote. Passed. Discussion. Dennig made a friendly amendment to add for banded and part-time students. Vote. Passed. Anderson/Dennig moved for a one minute recess. Vote. Passed. Bill re-read with amendments. No objections to these amendments. Carsten/Cox moved to amend that part-time tuition increase doesn’t exceed the banded tuition increase by more then 1 ½%. Banded at 5 ½% and part-time at 7%. Discussion.

Sirek – part-time went up 20% last year and banded 12%.

Vote on Amendment of Carsten/Cox. 7-12-2 failed.

Discussion on Bill tuition increase.

Anderson – we crunched numbers in cabinet and this is what we come up with. I have done a lot of research but go ahead and table if you want to. Discussion.

Sirek – tomorrow is MnSCU’s first reading of budgets. It can be amended in December.

Brandt – Put a proposal of a range of no less and no greater than. The second reading would have to stay within that range.

Dennig/Dahlke moved for a one minute recess.

Vote on the amendment to approve 5.52% for banded and part-time students. Vote 9-5-1 passes.

Vote on the amendment to approve Therefore be it further resolved: the deficit this figure may create be filled with the BSU or MnSCU reserve. Vote. Passed.

Vote on the amendment to strike "yet we are not able to approve the full increase due to the problems in the consultation process. Vote passed.

Sirek/Dennig moved to amend to Therefore be it further resolved: This is a preliminary figure and is still under discussion by the BSUSA and the Administration, and open to change with significant consultation by either party. Vote. Passed.

Discussion on the amended bill.

Klander/Dennig move to amend to approve up to a 5 ½% increase. Discussion. Klander withdrew the motion.

Vote on the amended bill. Vote. 16-0-0 passed. Unanimously.

Sirek – We need to pay these bills. Dennig/Ueland moved to approve $95.00 for the burning video. We will get the money back from MSUSA and Res Life. The Facilitator and KBSU need to be paid. Vote. Passed.

Sirek/Klander moved to pay $135.54 to Jason Schaumburg for driving to the Conference in September.

Sirek/Dennig move to approve $80.17 to Jason Schaumburg for driving to the Conference in September. Vote passed to pay $80.17.

Open Forum

Dennig – commend the efforts of the Public Relations Committee on the Bulletin Board.

Thompson/Ueland moved to adjourn at 5:20 p.m.