February 21, 2000

Attendance: Officers

President Scott Sirek (45)(17-0-0)

Vice Pres. Kristie Anderson (92)(16-0-1)

Treasurer Greg Kelly (26)(4-0-1)

Speaker/Acad. Affairs Jamie Barthel (33)(16-0-1)

Leg. Affairs/MSUSA CD Rep. Nathan Voss (33)(14-0-3)

Student Services Jason Schaumburg (12)(12-1-4)

Public Relations Justin Klander (12)(12-0-1)

Cultural Awareness Aneesh Goyal (1)(1-0-2)

MSUSA Campus Rep. TJ Melcher (39)(14-0-3)

Sergeant at Arms Andrew Hayden (29)(15-0-2)

Kameron Schorn (64)(16-0-1)

Kim Dennig (26)(13-0-4)

Greg Ueland (19)(15-0-2)

Nicholas Varien (17)(14-1-2)

Angie Nelson (7)(loa)

Shannon Anderson (12)(12-0-1)

Jodi Baumgard (11)(11-0-2)

Trevor Carstens (9)(loa)

Tanya Cox (9)(9-0-4)

Greig Dahlke (11)(11-0-2)

Nils Hoyum (9)(9-1-2)

Sean McDermott (9)(9-0-4)

Casey Pearson (9)(9-1-2)

Karl Runningen (5)(5-5-2)

Jill M Thompson (10)(10-0-3)

Brent Waale (13)(13-0-0)

Jim Miller (4)(4-0-0)

Kathy Simenson (3)(3-0-0)

Advisor: Ken Brandt

Guests: Tony Fragnito, past VP of Student Senate; Jessica Delos Reyes, Greg Bahr, and Shane Wahl with the Northern Student.

Attendance is as follows: (# of Senate meetings attended)-(Term attendance-unexcused-excused).

The Meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM in the Ozawindib

Agenda - With no objection moved to approve.

Minutes - With no objection move to approve the minutes of February 14, 2000 minutes.

Vice-President Anderson - Last week I had a personal emergency. Office hours look good. Committee's some of you are still not meeting and you need to start. Delegates Applications you need to get turned in. We have student complaints and when a student comes into the office have them fill out the complaint form. We need to have the complaint in writing. Then it is turned over to the committee responsible for that complaint. The committee brings it to the Senate.

Waale - What are the Delegates dates.

Anderson - March 24-26.

Voss - Who do you have?

Anderson - TJ Melcher, Jaime Barthel and you Nate.

Treasurer Kelly - No report as MnSCU was down.

Legislative Affairs Chair Voss - Lobby day was wonderful. The Pioneer quoted Scott Sirek at Lobby Day. We made the front page of the Marshall paper.

Waale - How did the food work out?

Voss - wonderful and will send thank you letters.

Academic Affairs Chair Barthel -I have a 10 AM meeting Wednesday with Dr. Quistgaard to go over the calendar and the catalog and give me anything you want to discuss. Meeting is at 9:00 AM on Tuesdays.

Student Services Chair - Meetings are after the Senate Meeting on Monday nights.

Public Relations Chair Klander - Looking at setting a different meeting time.

Cultural Diversity Chair - Meetings Thursday 1-2 PM. We were to late to do anything for Black History Month. Women History Month in Mark and working on that with different sources and write an article for the Northern Student.

Ueland - check with the Women's Center for more info and help.

Dance Club Committee - checking on the use of the Black Box Theater and equipment quotes.


MSUSA Campus Rep.. none.

MSUSA Cultural Diversity Rep. Voss Kristie Anderson and I are going to a Conference of workshops Wednesday on Cultural Diversity. Discussed the burning video and Nate needs to send a copy to all the universities since MSUSA paid for part of the video.

President Sirek –Sorry I'm late. Justin is sick and I had to do his tour. Announced that Upward Bound is looking for RA's for this summer. Discussed the Alcohol Consortium meeting on April 26 at 8 AM. Any one can attend and passed around a signup sheet. Open House for the Student Senate to raise awareness of the Senate, please sign up and Jody will Chair the meetings and you will decide what to do. Lobby Day went good. Met with a lot of appointments and we filled the rotunda on all three levels. We had 25 people go down from BSU. March 6-10 we need to Lobby again. Sign up to go please. SAFAC approved to sending all four reps to Federal Lobby Trip in DC. Jaime Barthel authored a bill for new business on the student wage increase. There is a diversity video in Aneesh's mail box.



Appointments: Jessica Delos Reyes for SAFAC vote. Passed 12-1 and Thomas Newman for SAFAC vote 7-5-1 passed.

First reading of SB-00S-01 Wage increase. Discussion.

Open Forum

Fragnito Thank you for this opportunity to speak and the work you are doing. I'm here representing Jerry Janos who is running against Rod Grams who is unfriendly to education. I encourage you to support and vote for Jerry Janos.'

Ueland - wage increase how will that effect the offices where budgets stay the same?

Sirek - you would use your work study first and then go to regular payroll. I talked to Larry Blom, President of the Technical College and Thursday at 4:30 hey are going to Beuna Vista for a retreat/get together. He invited us to join them.

Voss - Bob Poch is coming Feb. 28 to the Senate meeting to meet with us. He is the director of HESO. Lobby Day follow-up, MSUSA won't fund unless you have five people. We have to go down.

Thompson - What does Bob Poch want to talk to us about?

Voss - wants to know what we think.

Simonson - What is HESO?

Sirek - MnSCU and HESO is separate. HESO is the Financial Aid. MSUSA wants to abolish HESO. The money is staying in the private institutions and not coming to the MnSCU institutions. HESO is not student friendly to public institutions.

Barthel - New Organization STORK has started and it is for members of all the clubs to get together and organize to do fundraising and a club fair. The next meeting is March 23 at 12-2 in the Viking Room.

Waale - Bookstore high prices, can we do anything about it?

Sirek - we need to look into it, but some info is wrong. Communications problems.

Brandt - Wallace Bookstore put forth a half million dollars for the new bookstore being built.

Anderson - lists were sent to Beaver bookstore and shipping problems. He is working on communication problems.

Adjourn at 4:00 PM.