STUDENT SENATE MINUTES

February 28, 2000


President Scott Sirek (46)(18-0-0)

Vice Pres. Kristie Anderson (93)(17-0-1)

Treasurer Greg Kelly (26)(4-0-2)

Speaker/Acad. Affairs Jamie Barthel (34)(17-0-1)

Leg. Affairs/MSUSA CD Rep. Nathan Voss (34)(15-0-3)

Student Services Jason Schaumburg (13)(13-1-4)

Public Relations Justin Klander (13)(13-0-1)

Cultural Awareness Aneesh Goyal (2)(2-0-2)

MSUSA Campus Rep. TJ Melcher (39)(14-0-4)

Sergeant at Arms Andrew Hayden (30)(16-0-2)

Kameron Schorn (65)(17-0-1)

Kim Dennig (26)(13-0-5)

Greg Ueland (20)(16-0-2)

Nicholas Varien (17)(14-1-3)

Angie Nelson (7)(loa)

Shannon Anderson (13)(13-0-1)

Jodi Baumgard (12)(12-0-2)

Trevor Carstens (9)(loa)

Tanya Cox (9)(9-0-5)

Greig Dahlke (12)(12-0-2)

Nils Hoyum (10)(10-1-2)

Sean McDermott (9)(9-0-5)

Casey Pearson (10)(10-1-2)

Karl Runningen (6)(6-5-2)

Jill M Thompson (11)(11-0-3)

Brent Waale (13)(13-0-1)

Jim Miller (4)(4-0-1)

Kathy Simenson (4)(4-0-0)

Advisor: Ken Brandt

Guests:  Greg Bahr, Paul Petersen, and Shane Wahl with the Northern Student.

Attendance is as follows: (# of Senate meetings attended)-(Term attendance-unexcused-excused).

                                  The Meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM in the Ozawindib

Agenda - With no objection moved to approve.

Minutes - With no objection move to approve the minutes of February 21, 2000 minutes.

President Sirek - I have one appointment today.  I am passing around a new campus committee list.  Sign up for the committee you want to be on.  We are leaving for DC on Friday.  Lobby Day is next Tuesday and we won't be back for that.  Leg. Affairs will be going over the constitution and making some update changes.  Please attend the meetings and help out.  We need an Elections chair for Spring elections.  Please apply and you can't be up for elections to be on the committee.

Vice-President Anderson - I need Justin and Aneesh schedule for cabinet.  Chairs fill out report forms or write something up and include excused members.  Cultural Awareness Chair and Student Services Chair you need to see me and start holding meetings and post your meeting times.  The office hours look good.  On the back bulletin board under campus I posted a copy of the constitution, by-laws, and the handbook, and the parly pro basics book.  During office hours please familiarize yourself with these three.  Especially the Parli Por book, you'll need to know it at Delegates.  Don't forget delegates applications are due this Thursday @ 4:30 to Pam.

Treasurer report by Barthel - Our budget has $6,686.36.  We have to look at the budget, as we still have to fund the Delegates expense, the Spring Conference, the brochure, and a possible retreat.

Legislative Affairs Chair Voss - We have two constitutions approved by Jon Blessing.  We have 6 constitutions to do, they are posted on the bulletin board so read them and we will have the first reading next week.

Academic Affairs Chair Barthel - Should the Senate support the Academic Conference and be a co-sponsor.  Also looking for and representation from the Senate on this committee.  New planning committee's - six committee's and and overall looking for students to be on each committee.  One student per committee then one of the six to sit on the overall one.  New thing this year is a trip to Malaysia for the J term.  They are trying to expand international opportunities for students.  Library hours will be extended one week before finals and during finals week.  Friday hours will be expanded to 10 pm.

Student Services Chair Schaumburg- Meetings are monday after the Senate meeting at about 4:30 pm.  Students are complaining about security in the dorms.  Security no checking IDs.

Public Relations Chair Klander - I talked to Oak Hall about soap dispenser, and to Res. Life and they have ordered dispensers.  They hope to have them installed by next fall.  My meetings are Wednesdays at 1 pm.  We need to lobby legislature at the State level and it would help if students would write letters.

Cultural Diversity Chair Goyal- I spoke to Greg Kelly about Women's History Month.  We are publish an article in the Northern Student about Women's History Month.  I spoke to E. Walsh for sources.  Our meetings are at 1:15 pm on Thursdays.  I am in the feast of Nations this year.

State Lobby Day - Shannon Anderson - We leave on March 7th at 5 AM to follow up on issues from our last Lobby trip.

MSUSA Campus Rep. Melcher - none.

MSUSA Cultural Diversity Rep. Voss - Last Wednesday Kristie and I went to a Cultural Diversity Workshop Conference.  We should allocate some of our budget and send more people next year.  It was so good.  It is a National Conference and many companies send their employees.  We will have more information on the Conference at the next meeting.  I will work with feast of nations so we can do again for our conference in April.

SB-00S-01 Wage Increase bill. Discussion. Vote 14-0-0 passed.


Appointments:  Greg Bahr as Senator.  Greg gave an overview of reasons he wants to be on Senate.  Vote. 14-0-1 passed.

Open Forum
Ueland - Eileen Walsh didn't receive a nomination for tenure.  A petition is going around, or you can talk to Nancy Erickson the Dean.

Peterson - I'm new to this.  I went to Lobby Day and would like to go to the second one.  We need to get more people to go.

Sirek - faculty and staff can go, so talk to them.

Anderson - word of mouth is best way to get people to go.  I got 2 friends to go and they liked it.

Simenson - the Foundation people might go also.

Anderson - Kim Dennig applied for Delegates and needs to speak as she can't be here next week.

Dennig - I have been a Senator for 4 years.  I was a delegate last year and Leg Affairs committee member.  My goal is to get BSU voice heard.  I would really like to be a Delegate.

Anderson - your familiar with Parli Pro.

Dennig - the budget is a hugh issue at Delegates and you have to know Parli Pro.  We need to have a budget for the Cultural Diversity Conference.  You need to inform people to vote.

Melcher - how can yo represent students?

Dennig - my major is English and Philosophy and I participate in various clubs.  I have a lot of student contact.

Sirek - can you set aside personal agenda if it is necessary for a greater goal at hand for BSU.

Dennig - yes I have strong opinions and very vocal.  I'm working on objectivity.  The greater good is better.

Ueland - Kim you would be a damn good delegate.

Peterson - Is Senate meeting time set?

Anderson - yes.

Voss - we will be gone next week.

Anderson - We will read your applications next week.

Voss - everyone apply for delegates and go as an alter-nate for experience.

Anderson - We will interview the same as DC for Delegates.  If not here we will read the applications.  Will vote on all 6 with the first 4 people being the delegates and the last two alternates.

Discussion, rambling, ranting, raving, idealist chatter.

Adjourn at 4:10 PM.