March 6, 2000


President Scott Sirek (47)(19-0-0)

Vice Pres. Kristie Anderson (94)(18-0-1)

Treasurer Greg Kelly (26)(4-0-3)

Speaker/Acad. Affairs Jamie Barthel (35)(18-0-1)

Leg. Affairs/MSUSA CD Rep. Nathan Voss (34)(15-0-4)

Student Services Jason Schaumburg (14)(14-1-4)

Public Relations Justin Klander (13)(13-0-2)

Cultural Awareness Aneesh Goyal (3)(3-0-2)

MSUSA Campus Rep. TJ Melcher (39)(14-0-5)

Sergeant at Arms Andrew Hayden (31)(17-0-2)

Kameron Schorn (66)(18-0-1)

Kim Dennig (26)(13-0-6)

Greg Ueland (21)(17-0-2)

Nicholas Varien (17)(14-1-4)

Angie Nelson (7)(loa)

Shannon Anderson (14)(14-0-1)

Jodi Baumgard (13)(13-0-2)

Trevor Carstens (9)(loa)

Tanya Cox (9)(9-0-6)

Greig Dahlke (13)(13-0-2)

Nils Hoyum (11)(11-1-2)

Sean McDermott (10)(10-0-5)

Casey Pearson (11)(11-1-2)

Karl Runningen (7)(7-5-2)

Jill M Thompson (11)(11-0-4)

Brent Waale (14)(14-0-1)

Jim Miller (5)(5-0-1)

Kathy Simenson (5)(5-0-0)

Advisor: Ken Brandt

Guests: and Shane Wahl with the Northern Student.

Attendance is as follows: (# of Senate meetings attended)-(Term attendance-unexcused-excused).

The Meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM in the Ozawindib

Agenda - With no objection moved to approve.

Minutes - With no objection move to approve the minutes of February 28, 2000 minutes.

President Sirek - In Washington DC, Federal Lobby Trip.

Vice-President Anderson - We have Delegates Elections today. Also anyone wanting to go to Delegates needs to sign up tonight. I am sending around a sign-up sheet. Everyone must attend one MSUSA event a year. We have appointments to University Committees and we will wait on the elections chair appointment until Scott gets back. Have a great break and there is no meeting next week.

Treasurer report by Barthel - Our budget has $5,270.36.

Legislative Affairs Chair Voss - In Washington DC, Federal Lobby Trip.

Academic Affairs Chair Barthel - At our meeting we talked about the discussions we had with Dr. Quistgaard on Workstudy and Regular Payroll.

Student Services Chair Schaumburg- We are cleaning lockers today. We are working on getting the student comment boxes out on campus. Also working on the Birch Hall cleanliness problem.

Simenson - the soap dispensers are empty or broken.

Anderson - Have you located the lock cutter and talk to me after the meeting about the Birch Hall issue.

Public Relations Chair Klander - In Washington DC, Federal Lobby Trip.

Cultural Diversity Chair Goyal- I spoke to Greg Kelly about Women's History Month article in the Northern Student. The Feast of Nations needs performers and tickets are on sale in the lower union.

MSUSA Campus Rep. Melcher - In Washington DC, Federal Lobby Trip.

MSUSA Cultural Diversity Rep. Voss - In Washington DC, Federal Lobby Trip.




Appointments: Delegates Assembly Jamie Barthel vote 14 passed, Nate Voss vote 12 passed, Jason Schaumburg vote 13 passed, Kim Dennig vote 10 passed. Alternates positions Sean McDermott and TJ Melcher.

Jason Schaumburg to Budget and Resource Allocation Committee. Vote 14-1-0 passed.

Jill Thompson to Student and University Services Committee. Vote. 14-1-0 passed.

Greg Ueland to Search for Dean of College of Arts and Letters. Vote. 13-2-0 passed.

Open Forum

Baumgard - we are leaving at 5 AM for Lobby Day tomorrow and back at 8 PM.

Adjourn at 3:30 PM.