Bemidji State University

Student Senate Minutes

September 12, 2001


I.                     The meeting was called to order at 3:10pm in the Ozawindib Room

II.                   Roll Call:

President Shannon Anderson , Jim Miller,Tony Tengwall  

Nicole Bunting, Pat Crosby, Ann Gassert, Nick Heisserer, Heather Wuollet, Rebecca Robb, John Maxwell, Patrick Waletzko  *QUORUM is not present*

III.                 Approval of Agenda

IV.                 Approval of Minutes

V.                   Guest Speakers

A.      Jackie Ryder

1.        MAPE and AFSCME have decided to postpone their strike date two weeks (October 1)

2.        The two unions and the State of Minnesota are negotiating

3.        Mediation is scheduled for September 28, 29, 30

4.        Intent of mediation => successful/tentative agreement would be reached.  The best case scenario: an agreement would be reached and no interruption of services would take place.

5.        Council 6 is the State of Minnesota employees.  Council 65 is county workers.

6.        If attempts at mediation are not successful, picket lines will be set up at all state agencies.

a.        To make the labor dispute visible

b.       To prevent other people within the union from getting to their jobs

7.        Rules/Cautionary Issues

a.        MAPE and AFSCME are not trying to prevent people from going to classes

b.       If you must cross the picket lines with a vehicle, make a complete stop in front of the line for 3 seconds and then proceed slowly.

c.        Do not touch the picketers.  And they are not to touch you.

d.       Numerous people, such as secretaries and GMWs will not be on the job.  Therefore, things will take longer to get done and some things will be done by other people

e.        The power plant and boiler will be running on low pressure.  Hot water will run out if used for extensive periods of time.  Scatter showers within the dorms throughout the day.

f.         Low pressure does not keep buildings heated.  A class A license is required to operate it, and it must be under supervision 24 hours a day.  No school in MN provides training for the license.

g.       Other unions, such as the Teamsters and UPS do not cross picket lines

h.       Picket lines will be formed on sidewalks along Birchmont Drive.

8.        Grievances

a.        2-year contract => from July 1999 to June 2001

b.       The legislature failed to pass a budget in the regular session, forcing them into a special session.  If the session had ended in the regular session, negotiations could have easily been over by now.

c.        The unions had suggested the changes they would like to see over a year ago. 

d.       Insurance premiums are going up and the state is not going to pay for the changes in inflation.  This will result in a $300 to $400 per person increase that workers would have to pick up.

e.        Workers have not had a pay raise since 1993.

9.        135 to 150 BSU workers will strike; approximately 400 throughout Bemidji will strike.

a.        There are no essential AFSCME workers at BSU.

B.       Administration (Baer, Larkin, et al)

1.        AFSCME and BSU are not enemies

2.        BSU not involved in bargaining units in anyway

3.        Administration’s duty is to keep university open and everything running.

4.        AFSCME and MAPE have right to strike

5.        Unions’ regulations are mainly self-imposed.

6.        If the unions go on strike, their jobs will be waiting and will be coming back.

7.        DNR/DOT may not be as accommodating and understanding as BSU union members.

8.        Work-Study cannot fill union positions, but are expected to continue working

9.        Students cannot strike; they may carry a sign, but not any with the word STRIKE on it.

10.     Students can support by buying groceries, donating money, etc.

11.     Contact Human resources office if you have an altercation with the picket line.

12.     Office hours for many offices will be shortened.

13.     Arrangements have been made to maintain high pressure at power plant and boiler.

14.     Food services have a no strike line in their contracts, so they will not strike.

15.     Picketers plan to continue attending classes at BSU, so they will be crossing their own picket lines.  Students strongly encouraged to do the same.

VI.                 President’s Report

A.      Shannon has met with President Quistgard three times concerning topics that she will discuss with committee chairs at a later date.

B.       Met with Mayor Lehmann concerning calendar parking and redistricting lines

C.       As Jon Sauve will not be returning to Bemidji State and committee chairs have not yet been appointed, a recommendation for vice-president must be made by the president and approved with a 2/3 vote from the full senate

1.        President Anderson recommends that Patrick Waletzko be appointed as vice-president.  When a quorum is present, approval will take place.

VII.               No Vice-President’s Report

VIII.             No Treasurer’s Report

A.      Some money was spent on summer conference and organization fair.

IX.                Committee Reports/Recommendations (approval will take place when a quorum is present)

A.      Standing Committee Recommendations

1.        Legislative Affairs – Heather Wuollet

2.        Academic Affairs – Nick Heisserer

3.        Student Affairs – As Jim Sprafka is hospitalized, none was appointed

4.        Public Relations – Patrick Waletzko will continue work with PR until a suitable replacement is found.

5.        Cultural Diversity – one applicant (Sheila Northbird).  However, she resigned.

B.       Ad Hoc Committee Recommendations

1.        Elections Committee – Nick Heisserer

C.       MSUSA Representative Recommendations – Nicole Bunting

D.      University Committees

X.                  Old Business

A.      Print Shop

1.  University decided to keep printing services “in house” and not hire outside contractor.

XI.                New Business

A.      Elections – Nick Heisserer

1.        Signs are good, but don’t do the full job.

-                                                                                  Goal: for every senator to get at least one person to run for senate


2.        Elections are tentatively set for October 9 & 10

3.        Application deadline will be September 25

4.        Chair will need as much as possible

B.       Attack on America Drive

1.        People are needed to work at an information/donation table down in the union tomorrow, Friday, and possibly Monday.

2.        Money will go to the Red Cross for victims of the NYC and Pentagon disasters.

C.       Brian Allen

1.        New senate advisor – promises to give us the whole story and the “straight up” about everything.

2.        Trying to create new policy on the way that university computers are distributed and replaced around campus, instead of going back to the state and on to another state agency.

a.        Currently, computers are on a 2-3 year cycle and then rotated out.

b.       Re-utilizing computers saves students money.

c.        CRI => Tech fees used to fund that lab.  Previously, students didn’t have access to those computers.  They want to replace 50 machines, but returning them to the state is simply not fair to the students.

d.       Brian plans to write a policy to deal with these issues

3.        New Decker lab will be open at noon tomorrow.  It’s hours will be 8:00am to 8:00 pm M-F

4.        Brian briefly broke down his technology budget and how he spends it.

5.        Very few students know about the computer store.

a.        Across from the Super Lab

b.       Sell Mac and Gateway

6.        Vax is outdated and license has expired

7.        Computer Services is exploring the possibilities of Kevin Drexel’s plan to store online portfolio’s on a server.

a.        Student Senators may be first to store documents, projects, and information.

b.       Server will be able to hold up to 100mb per person.

D.      Yearly goals for Student Senate

1.        Get students involved in clubs and organizations

2.        Keep students aware of the issues that face them

3.        Increase Student Senate visibility

4.        Encourage better relations among faculty, staff, administration, and students.

5.        Enhance student senator knowledge of senate activities and practices.

E.       Meeting Time

1.        Is it convenient? (Response was: Yes)

2.        Meeting Time: Wednesdays at 3:00pm


F.       Moment of Silence for those involved in the NYC and Pentagon tragedies.


XII.              Adjournment

1.        Tony Tenwall moved to adjourn at 4:50

2.        Seconded by Ann Gassert

3.        Carried unanimously.