Bemidji State University

Student Senate Minutes



I.                     The meeting was called to order by Speaker-Elect Jim Miller at 3:00pm

II.                   Roll Call (Those Present)

- President Anderson      -Patrick Waletzko     -Sadie Rebecca Ruge       -Pat Crosby

- Nick Heisserer                -Jim Sprafka               -Ann Gassert                    -Jim Miller

- Nicole Bunting               -Rebecca Robb         -Tony Tengwall

- Heather Wuollet            -John Maxwell

Guests: Nathan Voss, TJ Melcher, and Blake

III.                 Approval of Agenda

1.        Additions

a.        Six Minutes of silence

IV.                 Approval of Minutes

V.                   Presidentís Report

1.        Meeting with President Quistgard

a.        Safety and Parking Ė Safety walk with him

b.       It is OK to park across from Birch Hall Ė you will not be ticketed

2.        MSUSA Fall Conference

a.        October 26-28

b.       Many workshops and activities are planned to aid in learning about parliamentary procedure and MSUSA.

3.        Oregon Conference Ė funding from SAFAC

4.        Federal Lobby Trip

a.        One person to attend

b.       Planned for November 14-18

5.        Chancellorís Visit Cancelled

a.        Due to events of the past week

b.       Will reschedule for sometime during the week instead of a Friday.

6.        Minor Office Repairs

a.        Scheduled to take place next week.

b.       Mail boxes to be painted

c.        Carpets to be shampooed

d.       If you have anything else, let President Anderson know

7.        Appointments being made for SAFAC

a.        Appointing Chair and then interviewing candidates with Chair

b.       Senate needs to be more involved with SAFAC

8.        Questions for President

a.        Senator Gassert:  How long can we park across from Birch Hall?

a.        A new parking committee is being formed, so until further notice

VI.                 Vice-Presidentís Report.

1.        Contacting City Offices

a.        Redistricting

a.        Why was BSU split in two?

b.       Is there any way to change this?

b.       Calendar Parking

c.        Becoming more Active in city and with City Council

2.        Stepping into the role of Vice-President

a.        Keeping office information up to date

b.       Bringing in pertinent information for senators to read

c.        Maintaining senate contacts and communication

3.        Needs

a.        Schedules

b.       Biographies & Pictures (Sen. Gassert will have camera next Wednesday)

VII.               Committee Reports

-                      Academic Affairs Chair Heisserer:  A lot of rumors have been flying around.    This will help to eliminate them.

-                      Student Services Chair Sprafka:  It is a good thing to get out.

-                      Legislative Affairs Chair Wuollet:  Doing a table too long may cause people to think ill of us and make them even more upset and sick of the entire event

-                      Senator Tengwall:  New information is always unfolding and we need to be flexible

-                      President Anderson:  Everyone knows whatís going on

-                      Vote:  All in favor

VIII.             Six Minutes of Silence / Hands Across Compus

1.         Lois Jenkins of the Newman Center and Pastor Jim of Lutheran Services are coordinating an event in which students have the opportunity to observe 6 minutes of silence and spread their hands across campus in reverence of those who lost their lives last week

2.        Planned for next Tuesday, September 25

3.        Vice-President Waletzko will keep the senate informed as to the developments.

4.        Student Services Chair Sprafka motioned to support the event.  Seconded by Academic Affairs Chair Heisserer.

5.        Discussion

a.        Student Services Chair Sprafka:  There might be some confusion with getting people out of HS 100 onto the campus to stretch hands across campus.

b.       Academic Affairs Chair Heisserer:  Would there be any hard feelings between different religions and/or international students?

c.        Vice-President Waletzko:  Will talk with Lois and Jim about these concerns

d.       Legislative Affairs Chair Wuollet:  Will this be a religious event?  Is there any significance of six minutes?

-    Vice President Waletzko:  No clue. (Out of senate meeting:  one minute for every location of deaths Ė three planes, two towers, and the Pentagon)

-    Academic Affairs Chair Heisserer:  It is spiritual, not religious.

6.        Student Services Chair Sprafka:  Table until next week / Seconded by Legislative Affairs Chair Wuollet

-    Failed


7.        Discussion

a.        Event is scheduled for next Tuesday, so to table would be useless.

8.        Original Motion

a.        Senate report for six minutes for silence / hands across campus (8-0-2)

IX.                Open Forum

A.      Senator Gassert:  1) Please donít bang gavel.  2)  Could the speaker 3-hole punch agendas?

B.       Guest Nathan Voss:

1.  The best way to get the word out is to get a Northern Student representative to our meetings

2.  Open Forums donít work

3.  Utilize student mailboxes and e-mail addresses to inform

4.  Recruit international students

C.       Senator Kelly:

1.  How many senators are needed for quorum? (2/3 or 8 at this meeting)

2.  Is the cultural diversity chair open?  (Yes.  Applications have been submitted, but no one has been appointed)

D.      Senator Gassert:  Is there a student list serve?  (Voss: Yes, it was started last year)

1.  Dave Carlson in Records/Advising

E.        Motion to adjourn:  Senator Tinger / Seconded by Senator Bunting.  Carried unanimously at 3:55