Senate Minutes

September 26, 2001


I.                    Meeting called to order at 3:03pm

II.                 Roll Call

A.     Unexcused Absences – Sean McDermott and Rebecca Robb.  Excused Absences – Jodi Baumgard, Mark Benson, Greg Kelly (showed up late) Jason Schaumberg, and Jennifer Sladek.  Everyone else present.


III.               Approval of the Agenda

IV.              Approval of the Minutes from Sept. 19

V.                 President’s Report

A.     Robert’s – gavel isn’t to be used as a noise making machine

B.     MSUSA conference

1.      MnSCU looking into having more student involvement in making decisions, not just the administration.

C.     Revenue Fund – going to set up a meeting with Dale and see if he can come and talk to the senate.

1.      What is it?  All the money that goes into the Res. Halls

D.     Senate Logo – old and outdated.  Have a contest with the students to create a new one.

E.      Alumni Dinner- Shannon and Patrick would like to go, senate needs to approve $18.00 for them to go

VI.              V.P. Report

A.     Letter to the city – redrawing the ward lines… trying to get BSU all in one ward.

B.     If you are a fall seat, you need to fill out an application to get re-elected

C.     Re-summit schedules to Patrick ASAP

D.     Working on the website, senator bio’s will be handed out shortly please fill out and return ASAP

E.      Attack on America table, need people to work it

F.      Questions:  How are you able to change the lines now, isn’t it too late?  The lines won’t change till after the primary.  (BSU was one ward about 15 years ago.)  Can we use a BSU van to drive people to the elections? Yes.

VII.            Leg. Affairs

A.     Anyone interested?

B.     The committee will be lots of fun!

VIII.         Academic Affairs

A.     Meeting time set for 2:00 pm on Wednesdays.

B.     Talk to the head of the IFO sometime next week.

C.     Talked to Bess to get list serve of the faculty

IX.              Student Services

A.     Talk to people on campus trying to get relations up and going for the year

B.     Join this committee if you want to get stuff done

C.     Asking for appointment to the University Committee for Student Services

X.                 P.R. – No Report

XI.              Cultural Diversity – No Report

XII.            Elections Committee

A.     Sign up for the table at the Union to get people to apply for senate

B.     Encourage more students to run for senate.

C.     Need info from the students that are running for senate.

D.     Perhaps do something with Homecoming

E.      Questions:  Does the table really need to be up and running from 2:00 – 3:00 pm?  We’ll see.

XIII.         Tech Committee

A.     Tech support in the dorms?  As of right now, there is no one to do just tech support in the dorms.  Idea that came up was the network card installation, check and install down in the lab.

XIV.         Old Business – none

XV.           New Business

A.     Alumni Dinner, seeking a motion.  Moved by Sprafka seconded by Gassert.  $34.00 approved.

B.     Motion:  support the unions on campus in their efforts to strike.  Motioned by Tinger seconded by Heisser… We support the striking peoples…etc.  Passes.

C.     New logo – motion… contest for getting new logo.  Moved by Tinger seconded by Heisser.  Writing up a motion for next week.

XVI.         Appointments

A.     University Computing Tech and Learning Committee – Ann Gassert – approved.

B.     SPA – Greg Uland – approved… TJ Melcher second half of the year

XVII.      Open Forum

A.     Take pictures

B.     Appointment to PR chair?  Next week

C.     Need to talk to Sue Grimm if you haven’t worked on campus before.

D.     Changing the comps in the senate office won’t change how slow they are.

E.      Where do we want the relief money to go?  Red Cross

F.      Motion to adjourn made by Tinger seconded by Sprafka.  ADJOURNED!!