Senate Minutes

October 10, 2001


I.                    Call to Order 3:03pm

II.                 Roll Call

III.               Approval of Agenda

IV.              Approval of the Minutes

V.                 Guest Speaker – Justin Klander

A.     Explained what MSUSA was… now all the state school are linked

B.     Five and a half full time workers for MSUSA but hiring a new lobby person

C.     See how the strike is effecting each campus

D.     Board of Trustee—More student consultation (i.e. 17.5% tuition increase, get student input on it, not just doing it)

VI.              President Report

A.     Met with Pres. ‘Q’ talked about how the strike was effecting everyone, issues of the unclean bathrooms came up.

B.     Only Shannon has applied to go on the MSUSA lobby trip- need apps by noon tomorrow.

C.     Meeting with Carl Bear – strategic lobby plan

D.     Meeting with Dave Larkin and Dale Ladig – Black History month, diversity on campus.

E.      Senate Binders – what should go in them – parliamentary procedure

VII.            Vice President Report

A.     Bio forms are in the senate office, please pick up and fill out ASAP

B.     Website is coming along great!

C.     Called the city to see where we could get the ‘I Voted’ stickers

D.     PLEASE clean up after yourself in the senate office!!

VIII.         Leg. Affairs

A.     Meeting with Carl Bear – got a lot of ideas for what to do this year, meet with Kindel and Fuller this year in large and small groups

B.     Meeting time – Wednesday 10:00 am

IX.              Academic Affairs

A.     Sign up to be on the ‘coolest committee ever!’

B.     Meeting time – Tuesday at 11:00 am

C.     Need to get input from students – professor evaluations

X.                 Student Services

A.     The plans for the fire pit have been approved – making designs – long procedure.

XI.              Public Relations

A.     Ford Board – Ford pays for the board as well as gives us $50.00 a month for up keep – are we liable if something happens?!?

B.     Student Media Conference $35.00 you should go if you are interested.

C.     Looking into Student Senate shirts approx. $32.00 just take it out of senate stipend?

XII.            Elections

A.     3 different copies of the ballet

B.     Need people to work at the table, please sign up

XIII.         Technology Committee – no report

XIV.         Old Business – none

XV.           New Business

A.     No direction on Ford board this week

B.     Motioned to approve ballet – Heisserer, seconded by Tengwall – did not pass b/c changes need to be made

C.     Motion to approve ballet with changes – Wuolett, seconded by Sprafka – passed

D.     Appointments – Melissa Johnson – approved for SAFAC committee

E.      Move to approve $40.00 for flower for someone in need – Brian Allen

XVI.         Open Forum

A.     Take pictures after the meeting

B.     Motion to adjourn - Tengwall, seconded by Sprafka