Senate Minutes

October 17, 2001


I.                    The meeting was called to order at 3:02

II.                 Roll Call

III.               Approval of the Agenda

IV.              Approval of the Minutes

V.                 President’s Report

A.    Buttons – give money back to the IFO

B.     Elections – going great so far, excited to see who wins

C.    Orientation – Next meeting new senators, getting to know you activities.  Putting together three-ring binders.

D.    Need a CD Rep and a CD chair, turn in applications.

E.     Fall Conference – Nicole will talk more, very excited

F.     DC arrangements are being made.

G.    Security walk Wed. Oct. 24 @ 7:00pm

VI.              Vice President’s Report

A.    Senate Biographies – in the senate office, please fill out and return ASAP

B.     Website Update – getting all the info entered.

VII.            Leg. Affairs

A.    Reviewed three constitutions and returned them to the clubs for refinement

B.     Anyone interested in serving on the committee give a copy of your schedule to Heather Wuollet.

VIII.         Academic Affairs

IX.              Student Service

X.                 Public Relations

A.    Polo shirts – after the logo contest is done we will be getting our shirts

B.     Logo Contest – the deadline is Oct. 29 to submit ideas

C.    Nothing new on the Ford Board – still being looked into

D.    Getting publicity out for the CD positions

XI.              Technology Committee

A.    The computers in the Lower Unions are being ruined – people are stealing the mouse balls… looking for direction on what to do.

XII.            MSUSA

A.    Fall Conference – excited, info will be given to the new senators

XIII.         Old Business – none

XIV.         New Business

A.    Appointments

                                                               i.      Patrick Waletzko – Who’s Who’s Committee

B.     Formation of the CIS Committee – motioned to approve Heisserer, seconded by Sprafka.

                                                               i.      Discussion – Would like to have Greg Kelly come in and talk about the purposes for this committee.  If we approve this committee, what about all the other minorities on campus?  Basically all the questioning just lead to the fact that the senate has many questions for Greg Kelly about this.

C.    Previous motion withdrawn, and a new motion made by Tengwall and seconded by Sprafka – to table this until Greg Kelly or some representive can come in and answer the senate’s questions.

D.    Penny Fellowship Silent Auctions – motion made by Sprafka to approve $50.00 to by Bemidji paraphernalia for the action.  Seconded by Sladek.  Approved.

E.     Four seats for the Penny Fellowship dinner – motion made by Sprafka to approve the senate buying up to four seats at the Penny Fellowship dinner.  Seconded by Sladek.  Approved.

XV.           Open Forum

A.    Motion to adjourn by Gassert, seconded by Sprafka.