Bemidji State University Student Senate

Proposed Minutes – 24 October 2001


I.                    Call to Order

II.                 Roll Call (Old Roster)

III.               Approval of the Agenda

IV.              Approval of the Elections Results (approved)

V.                 Roll Call (with new senators)

VI.              Recess for New Senator Orientation

1.      Went around and everyone introduced themselves.  All Committee chairs as well as the President, VP and the MSUSA Rep. Went around and told what they did.  Informational binders were handed out to all new senators.  All senators, new as well as old, participated in a small getting to know you game.

VII.            Approval of the Minutes

VIII.         Presidents Report

IX.              Vice Presidents Report

X.                 Standing Committee Reports

a.       Leg Affairs Report

b.      Academic Affairs Report

c.       Student Services Report

d.      P.R. Report

1.      Ford Board – still not much going on with it.  Trying to get it approved by the people in charge.

2.      Polo shirts for the senate, about $32.00 will be ordered after the logo contest.

3.      Please summit all applications for the logo contest.  Any applications can be put in TJ Melcher’s mailbox in the senate office.

e.       Cultural Diversity – none

XI.              Ad Hoc Committees

a.       Elections Committee

1.      Thank you so much to those of you that helped make this election run smoothly

XII.            University Committees

a.       Technology

XIII.         MSUSA Campus Rep

a.       Everything is in place for the conference this weekend!  It should be a blast!

XIV.         New Business

a.       Formation of the CIS committee

1.      Tengwall motions that it stay tabled till someone comes to speak on its behalf.  Seconded by Miller.  Passes

b.      Appointments

1.      Senators

1.      Bill Albertson

2.      Casey Propeck

3.      Scott Shuhert

4.      Marcia Bellefy

2.      VP Academic Affairs Search Committee – V.P. Patrick Waletzko and Sen. T.J. Melcher were appointed to this committee.

c.       Student E-mail List Serve

1.      What makes Student Senate ‘better’ then the other organizations?  How can we justify having a student list serve and not HUPB?  Because we are the heart of the students, we represent them.  This topic still needs more discussion.  Talk to Ann Gassert with questions.

XV.           Open Forum

a.       President Anderson – Congratulations to all the new senators.  I look forward to working with you this year.

XVI.         Adjournment – motioned by Chair Sprafka seconded by Sen. Tengwall.