Bemidji State University Student Senate

Minutes of 31 October, 2001


Called to order at 3:00pm, President Shannon Anderson presiding.


Attendance:  All members present but two, staff advisor Brian Allen, Kim Dennig, Seranati Melcher.


Agenda: Addition of Parking Committee under “Other University Committees”; passed


Minutes: passed


President’s Report:  Updates on BSUSS office re-arrangements – moved the mailboxes, whiteboard installed where mailboxes had been.  Small presentation of open spots on various university committees and BSUSS slots (Cultural Diversity, MSUSA Cultural Diversity).  Urged attendance of various BSUSS committees, congratulations to Heather Wuollet on receiving a Penny Fellowship.  Praise to all who attended the previous weekend’s MSUSA Fall Conference in St. Paul.


Vice-President’s Report:  BSUSS website coming along well, needs pictures and bios by all members.  Reported on all committees, keep up the good work.


Treasurer’s Report:  Still working on an updated budget, hopefully by next week.


Legislative Affairs Chair Wuollet:  Are reviewing constitution approval checklists, will be making changes to it in the future.  Meetings held Monday’s at noon in the Senate office.


Academic Affairs Chair Heisserer: had members speak personally about their individual pet projects.


Student Services Chair Sprafka: Met with both Dale Ladig and John Blessing on various issues.  Got their support on them, including having two firepits built near the Lower Union and between Maple and Oak Halls.  Discussed the Variety Store prices (Sen. Becker will meet with Suba on that issue), VAX accounts, computer support, parking for next year, and getting the paper towel dispensers replaced with hot air blowers.  Meetings held Thursdays at 2:15pm.


Public Relations Chair Melcher:  BSUSS logo contest ads are in the student newspaper, the deadline for which is Nov. 5th


Cultural Diversity: No chair


MSUSA Rep. Bunting: Not present, so no report.


Old Business:

-         CIS:  Chair Heisserer moved to table until next week, Chair Sprafka seconded; motion approved


New Business:

-         Chair Heisserer moved to open discussion on a meeting time for the BSUSS next spring, seconded by Chair Sprafka.  Debated on when to have meeting, and how to determine such.

-         Discussion opened by Chair Heisserer, seconded by Chair Wuollet, on CIS and its major proponent, Sen. Kelly.  See letter of same date to BSUSS members from Pres. Anderson.  History of CIS given, as well as warnings to be civil, open, and courteous next week when Sen. Kelly will come and speak about the CIS.  A question sheet to assist Sen. Kelly was passed around.

Open Forum:

-         Maybe have Dale Ladig come and speak about the Revenue Fund.

-         Student email list, are getting more info from Moorhead State on a similar venture they’ve emplaced.

-         D’Sousa recommended that the BSUSS support the IPO in a Int’l Students at BSU Nationality Awareness program;  one nationality presented a week, with each week being a different nationality represented at BSU.  That nation’s culture/ethnic background presented to all who would be interested.


Adjournment at 4:10 p.m.