Bemidji State University Student Senate

Proposed Minutes: 7 November 2001

I. Called to order at 3:01pm, President Shannon Anderson presiding.

II. Attendance: All members present but one (excused),

Guests: Advisor Allen, Heather Gustafson, Kristy Matson, Beemus Goodsky, Para Goodsky, Jody Smith, Gary Maxwell.

III. Approval of Agenda: Passed

IV. Approval of Minutes: Passed

V. Guest Speakers

A. Mike Smith

1. Distributed a handout on network usage statistics.

2. Explained the various graphs => file sharing in dorms accounts for large majority network usage.

3. Explored options available for additional bandwidth: and intertech and combinations of both, costs of more bandwidth.

4. Explained the packet shaper and what it does.

a. Packet shaper comes off next Friday as is a trial version, looking to get the full version.

VI. President's Report

A. Reported on various meetings attended and meetings will attend next week.

B. Passed around an office hours sign-up sheet.

C. Encouraged senators to join the various university committees, passed around a sign-up sheet for that as well.

D. Had been to several committee meetings, was happy with the way things were going.

E. Encouraged applications to MSUSA November conference.

VII. Vice-President's Report:

A. Reminder for schedules (Fall and Spring) and biographies.

B. SWOT - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (indicators of what we're doing well, what not so well)

C. BSUSS and City of Bemidji Relations

1. Encouraging/strengthening,

2. Seeking to get BSUSS report back onto City Council agenda

3. Met with City Clerk and Mayor Lehmann.

4. Split of BSU between two voting wards and polling locations.

C. Website

1. Updated address is available in the Senate office.

2. Need to delegate and make a Senate project, vs. own private pet project.

3. Any feedback appreciated.

VIII. Treasurer's Report

A. Current budget almost complete. Balance of $8707.21 as of 31 October.

IX. Standing Committee Reports

A. Legislative Affairs Chair Wuollet

1. Reviewing BSUSS election guidelines.

2. Have set goals for the semester/year

a. promoting higher education lobbying issues

b. getting consistency among BSU clubs and organizations, especially in regards to their constitutions.

B. Academic Affairs Chair Heisserer

1.Restated meetings times for those interested (11:15am, Tuesdays).

2. Partitioned off projects to individuals.

3. Working on getting info on student majors/minors.

4. Class diversity among majors/minors.

5. Sen. D'Souza: explained the problem in the IT dept - chair discouraged potential students from coming to BSU as leverage for setting his own private agenda.

C. Student Services Chair Sprafka

1. Meeting times - Thursdays at 2:15pm.

2. Sen. Becker: has a meeting with Variety Store manager on prices. Another meeting with a local grocery store manager on prices.

a. Second meeting is Friday, location TBA

D. Public Relations Chair Melcher

1. Logo contest ended last Monday, only two good submissions.

a. Extending deadline to Nov. 28.

2. Meetings Monday at 3:00pm.

E. Cultural Diversity Chair D'Souza

1. No report, as was just appointed to this position this meeting.

X. Ad Hoc Committees

None at this time.

XI. University Committees

A. Who's Who? Committee - Sen. Bellefy

1. Went over paperwork, how nominations will work.

B. Technology: No report.

XII. MSUSA Reports

A. MSUSA Representative Bunting

1. Thanks to all who'd went to previous conference.

2. Sign up for Nov/Dec conference.

3. Monitors are in, help appreciated in distribution.

B. MSUSA Cultural Diversity Representative Albertson

No report, just appointed this meeting. 3:55-4:00pm

**5 minute recess

XIII. Unfinished Business

A. CIS Committee.

1. Chair Heisserer moved to open discussion. Chair Sprafka second. 2/3 vote achieved. a. Sen. Kelly (President of CIS)

- Began by addressing BSUSS.

- Stated his grievances with the Senate and his personal aims of the entire situation and the CIS.

- Proceeded onwards to describe the CIS (Council of Indian Students) and his vision for it.

- After his initial opening statements, Sen. Kelly took questions about CIS. - Results of said questioning resulted in changing of CIS from a full committee to an Ad Hoc committee, later to likely be absorbed by the Cultural Diversity committee.

- CIS was felt to be necessary as the historical background between Natives and non-Natives makes the situation different than with other non-European ethnic groups, and would encourage relationships between the two.

- SWOT would be a good idea to apply to Native/non-Native relations as well. - Only President Anderson and Sen. Kelly would be a part of the CIS ad hoc committee.

- After several initial closed meetings, attendance would be open to any one willing to attend.

- Chair Heisserer moved to amend the CIS committee to an Ad Hoc committee, Sen. Schuhert seconded.

- Discussion opened, Chair Heisserer stated support for CIS, as well as Sen. Schuhert.

- Chair Sprafka supported as well, stating that something like the CIS was needed on campus, good way to take care of lack of something similar.

- Sen. Kelly yield to CIS staff advisor, who said that the CIS would encourage the Native student population on campus.

- President Anderson thanks Sen. Kelly for taking time to come and explain.

- moved to vote for approval of name change of CIS: passed.

- vote by ballot for approval of creation of CIS ad hoc committee. Pass: 13 Yes, 7 No, 1 Abstention.

XIV. New Business

A. Appointments

1. Cultural Diversity - Eric DíSouza

2. MSUSA Cultural Diversity - Bill Albertson

3. Sergeant at Arms - Ben Becker

4. Technology - Are waiting for official job description before created a permanent Student Senate

XV. Open Forum

A. Sen. Becker asked for questions for Variety Store manager Dave Supa.

XVI. Adjournment: at 4:55pm