Bemidji State University Student Senate

Minutes of 14 November, 2001

I. Called to order at 3:00pm, Vice-President Waletzko presiding.

II. Attendance: (Present - Excused - Unexcused - Late)


President Anderson (8-1-0-0), Vice-President Waletzko (9-0-0-0), Speaker Miller (9-0-0-0),

Secretary/Treasurer Maxwell (9-0-0-0), Legislative Affairs Chair Wuolett (9-0-0-0),

Academic Affairs Chair Heisserer (9-0-0-0), Student Services Chair Sprafka (9-0 -0-0),

Public Relations Chair Melcher (9-0-0-0), Cultural Awareness Chair D'Souza (3-0-0-0),

Technology Representative Gassert (8-1-0-0), MSUSA Representative Bunting (8-1-0-0),

MSUSA Cultural Diversity Representative Albertson (3-0-0-0)


Becker (3-0-0-0), Bellefy (3-0-0-0), Frink (3-0-0-0), Hines (2-0-1-0), Kelly (1-1-5-2),

Lundquist (2-0-1-0), Miller (2-0-1-0), Propeck (3-0-0-0), Restad (2-1-0-0), Rotar (2-1-0-0)

Rowlette (3-0-0-0), Ruge (8-1-0-0), Schuhert (3-0-0-0), Smith (2-1-0-0), Swanson (3-0-0-0)

Tengwall (7-2-0-0), Weber (2-1-0-0)

Guests: Pat Crosby and Kristy Matson

III. Approval of Agenda: passed unanimously

IV. Approval of Minutes: passed unanimously

V. President's Report: (Given by VP Waletzko)

A. Due to being away to federal lobby trip, left a letter for VP Waletzko to read.

B. Away on the federal lobby trip, which lobbies student issues to the federal government.

C. Had a meeting with President Quistgard:

1. The chancellor is coming Dec. 12, so made plans for that (will hold Senate meeting that week in conjunction with chancellor's presence).

2. Discussed a "Meaning of War" open forum, which would bring in veterans of war (preferably several different wars) to speak.

3. Had another meeting with Pres. Quistgaard and the mayor of Bemidji

a. Pres. Quistgaard will be organizing a dinner between school and city to foster relations between the two.

4. Has several appointments, which will be made later in the meeting.

VI. Vice-President's Report:

A. Attended the committees, no suggestions to make.

B. Attended an accessibility open forum Tuesday coordinated by Sen.Ruge, with Rep. Schuhert.

C. Met with the city clerk, re-established a student report once a month on the city council agenda.

D. SWOT - everybody make suggestions: is a valuable method for self-assessment of the Senate. 

E. Senate website is almost done, are now on re-design and revisions.

1. Will have a lists of who's on each committee as part of it. (Confirmation Sheet) 

F. Student representation on the Board of Governors, advisory to the Union

1. One off campus and one on-campus student wanted.

G. Check the office hours sign-up sheet, fill in empty blocks if you can.

H. Would like to have all senators on a single online chat program for questions, updates & info. I. Will be having a Senate open house sometime in the beginning of December.

VII. Treasurer's Report:

*No Report

VIII. Legislative Affairs Report (Chair Wuollet):

A. Are reviewing constitutions

1. Including the "Swift N' Stylin' Dance Club” (under New Business).

B. Discussed ways to accomplish committee goals.

C. Are currently discussing Student Senate election guidelines

IX. Academic Affairs Report (Chair Heisserer):

A. There is a problem in Visual Arts:

1. Too many students want to take a class.

2. Is looking into getting another instructor or another section with the same instructor. 

B. Math Entry Test.

1. Some students are recommended to Math 0800 - which is below their level of ability 

2. It's a waste of time/money for a class that doesn't give them credit on their transcript.

C. Industrial Technology (Chair D'Souza)

1. A program with the IT dept and NTC was under consideration to be cancelled, so the dept chair told potential students this to present them with all the info available.

2. The parents misunderstood this to mean it was being cancelled, so directed their attention elsewhere.

3. Director of Admissions Kevin Drexel clarified this to the parents, and those students are now back in the BSU enrollment procedure.

D. Undergraduate Catalogues. (Sen. Swanson)

1. Expensive to produce

2. Considering options that would limit their spread to those who have more need of it. 

a. potential BSU students and freshmen

X. Student Services Report (Chair Sprafka):

A. Not everyone can make the committee meetings. If you can't, talk to Chair Sprafka.

B. Had a meeting with Dale Ladig about fire pits between Maple and Oak halls.

1. Will talk more about it after Thanksgiving break.

C. Got support from Students for the Environment in getting paper towel dispensers replaced with hot-air blowers.

D. Dining Services (Sgt At Arms Becker):

1. Reported on his meeting with Dave Souba.

a. Some prices are more expensive because the Variety Store has to give 20% profit to the school, so adjusts their own prices accordingly.

b. Some items are the same cost or cheaper than at other stores in town. Are considering other vendors to try and bring those other items down to par.

*Chair Heisserer asked why there is a difference in BSU clothing in the stores.

- Reason for that is because each store is managed by a different person, and they're the ones that order items. Will be "normalizing" after Thanksgiving.

XI. Public Relations Report (Chair Melcher):

A. Sent back the logo contest entries that had been received

1. New information about the logos - are many regulations that it has to fulfill.

2. The ones we'd received didn't meet them.

3. Guidelines were sent back with entries

a. so that the designers would know what would be correct.

B. A sign has been put up in the Union advertising the logo contest

4. Hopefully that will bring in more entries.

XII. Cultural Diversity Report (Chair D'Souza):

A. Meeting time will be Thursday at 2pm.

B. Considering putting up flags of various countries around school.

C. Wants to have a representative at Black History month.

D. Would like help with the Nationality Awareness Weeks which will be starting soon.

E. Went with MSUSA CD Rep Albertson to a meeting of international students last Friday.

F. Today is the Indian "Festival of Lights"

XIII. Ad Hoc Committees:


1. No Report

XIV. University Committees:

A. Who's Who? (Sen. Bellefy)

1. Meeting last Thursday.

2. Went over forms, are making changes.

3. Next meeting is Dec 14.

4. Linda Blanchard is the chair, can get applications from her.

B. Technology

1. Will ask Mike Smith to write an article for the Senate to be published in Northern Student about network issues.

XV. MSUSA Reports

A. MSUSA Representative (Sen. Bunting): (Given by VP Waletzko)

1. Up-coming conference reminder.

a. Leave Friday Nov 30 at noon or 1pm, return Sunday Dec 2 in the afternoon.

B. MSUSA Cultural Diversity Representative (Sen. Albertson):

1. Working with Chair D'Souza on various issues.

XVI. Unfinished Business

- None

XVII. New Business:

A. First Reading of the "Swift ‘N Stylin'" Dance Club constitution.

1. It is hanging on the whiteboard in the Senate office.

B. Time limit for CIS Ad Hoc Committee:

1. Sen. Tengwall moved to limit the CIS committee to 4 weeks. Chair D'Souza seconded.

a. Sen Tengwall - The CIS needs to get moving. The time limit for the CIS began as soon as its formation was approved.

                              b. Chair D’Souza agreed for similar reasons.

2. VP Waletzko - Both President Anderson and CIS President Kelly want the CIS to continue on into second semester, and four weeks - three, as of the time of this meeting - won't be enough to have tangible results.

3. Sen. Weber - What would happen after the initial four weeks expired?

(Unknown answerer: Time can be lengthened)

4. Sen. Schuhert - What is involved in developing a strategy for the CIS?

(VP Waletzko - the CIS needs to set goals, then decide how to achieve said goals, and then to implement them. As a result, four weeks isn't nearly long enough.)

5. Sen. Swanson agreed for similar reasons.

6. Sen. Smith said that four weeks would be enough time for the CIS to come up with at least some initial findings/goals.

7. Chair Sprafka agreed with the concept, but said that four weeks wasn't long enough given the scope and magnitude of something like the CIS.

8. Sen. Gassert suggested holding off until the first meeting of the spring semester to decide the CIS' fate from there on.

9. Rep. Albertson asked if, after the four weeks were up, we would decide again.

(Chair Melcher - four weeks is enough time to come up with some initial results - at the very least enough to show that those on the CIS were doing something productive - and that after the four weeks the decision would be made whether to extend or cull it.

10. Sen. Bellefy said that a time limit was important, we need to know that the CIS is doing something, and that waiting until the spring was too long for that.

11. Sen. Rotar asked how we would measure the results produced after the four weeks; ultimately that is up to the Senate.

12. Sgt.-at-Arms Becker called to question, seconded by Chair Melcher.

13. The motion passed 18-3 for limiting the CIS to four weeks from its inception.

C. Creation of Technology Representative Postion

1. Chair Heisserer moved to make technology a permanent committee of the Senate, seconded by Chair D'Souza.

a. Chair Heisserer - Technology is important, and due to its widespread nature, a position for it on the Senate was warranted.

2. Chair Melcher asked if this would be a paid position.

(VP Waletzko - because we are not currently in the process of revising our constitution, the technology committee is a conceptual position right now, and payment would be considered later in the year.

3. The vote to make technology a permanent committee passed unanimously.

D. Appointments.

1. Technology Representative - Sen. Gassert. Passed Unanimously

2. University Academic Affairs Committee - Pat Crosby. Passed Unanimously

3. University Media Board - Sen. Restad & Sen. Tengwall. Passed Unanimously

4. University Dining Services Committee - Sgt.-at-Arms Becker. Passed with 3 objects. 

5. Black History Month Committee - Sen. Schuhert. Approved Unanimously.

6. University Parking Committee - postponed to later date.

E. New Business Not on Agenda

1. Sgt At Arms Becker moved to abolish the CIS.

a. The motion died for lack of a second.

XVIII. Open Forum:

A. Sgt At Arms Becker gave info about a court case between South Carolina State University and the Supreme Court.

1. Verdict being that favoring one race over another is illegal as it violates the 14th amendment of the US Constitution.

B. Sen. Gassert informed the Senate that BSU was considering web-based email over VAX starting next year.

1. Chair. Melcher asked if it would be anonymous (like hotmail accts) or not.

C. Sen. Swanson said that the Pine Hall Council had submitted a request for permission for students over the age of 21 to have alcohol in their rooms so long as their door was closed.

D. Chair Melcher explained the options for the Senate Open House.

1. The new logo and the new website would both be unveiled at that time.

2. The Open House would be promoted campus-wide.

3. Would have food and door prizes.

4. The best-looking day so far is the same say as the OPC Open House/Christmas Party.

E. Sen. Rowlette said that he would be beginning the Professor of the Month soon

XIX. Adjournment

Motioned By:

Seconded By:

Time: 4:15pm