Bemidji State University

Student Senate

Proposed Minutes - 28 November 2001

I. Call to Order

                A. The meeting was called to order at 3:02PM

II. Attendance



                President Anderson (9-1-0-0), Vice-President Waletzko (10-0-0-0), Speaker Miller (10-0-0-0), 

                Sec./Treas. Maxwell (10-0-0-0), Leg. Affairs Chair Wuollet (10-0-0-0),

                Ac. Affairs Chair Heisserer (10-0-0-0) Stu. Services Chair Sprafka (10-0-0-0),

                PR Chair Melcher (9-1-0-0),  Cultural Awareness Chair DíSouza (4-0-0-0),

                Tech. Rep. Gassert (9-1-0-0), MSUSA Rep. Bunting (8-2-0-0),

                MSUSA CD Rep. Albertson (4-0-0-0)



                Sen. Becker (4-0-0-0), Sen. Bellefy (4-0-0-0), Sen. Frink (4-0-0-0), Sen. Hines (2-0-2-0),

                Sen. Kelly (1-1-6-2) Sen. Lundquist (3-0-1-0), Sen. Miller (3-0-1-0), Sen. Propeck (4-0-0-0),

                Sen. Restad (3-1-0-0), Sen. Rotar (3-1-0-0), Sen. Rowlette (4-0-0-0), Sen. Ruge (9-1-0-0),

                Sen. Schuhert (4-0-0-0), Sen. Smith (3-1-0-0) Sen. Swanson (4-0-0-0), Sen. Tengwall (7-2-1-0),

                Weber, Jeff (3-1-0-0)



                Pat Crosby, Jason Schaumburg


III. Approval of Agenda

                A. Additions

                                1. Unfinished Business

                                                a. Swift N' Stylin' Dance Club Second Reading

                                2. Item VII.5

                                                a. Program

IV. Approval of Minutes

                A. Unanimously Approved

V. Guest Speaker: Nick Heisserer

                A. TJ Melcher had a daughter at 3am this morning

                B. The respect and political issues that have been going on in senate are causing problems.

                C. Does Senate really get things done?

                                1. I donít really think so

                D. Chairs get paid $400/semester

1. If you add that up, it comes to $2000; that is a lot of money to Senate that doesnít even include our operating budget.

                                2. Money is an investment, not a gift

                                3. Perhaps we need to move it to other organizations that could use it more

                E. We need to plan and do things that we know we can do and thing that are of worth or value.

1. Donít need to be big things; even if we can change one personís life, we are successful.

                F. The BSU Student Senate is not intended to be political in nature, so politics are unnecessary.

                G. Very little has been accomplished this year in Senate.

H. What are our goals? Perhaps they need to be short-term in nature to reflect the transitions of students in general.

                * Please fill out this anonymous sheet and return to President Anderson or VP Waletzko.

VI. Presidentís Report

                A. Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.

                B. Nicole has made arrangements for this weekendís MSUSA conference at Metro State.

                                1. I look forward to it and thank everyone who signed up.

                                2. If you have not, we look forward to seeing you at one in the future.

                C. Cabinet discussed some goals for Senate to go with Nickís discussion.

                D. We are looking into having a Senate Open House / Christmas Party. TJ will talk about it later.

E. Congressman Peterson BSU $100,000 for the construction of the American Indian Cultural Resource Center.

F. Committees: it has been brought to my attention that people have been missing their committee meetings. This cannot happen. As of last week, we are going to be keeping a better track of committees and who is on them.

                                1. Remember that if you donít have time for your committee, you donít have time for                                           senate.

                G. Senate evaluations are something that is in our constitution, but has not really ever been done.

                                1. This year we will be doing them.

H. Greg Kelly: He has been in the hospital. He is very pleased with the Senate and has done a lot for the reputation of the Senate.

                I. University VP of Academic Affairs Search Committee: in the formation process.

                J. We have some appointments to make at this meeting. Look for them.



VII. Vice-Presidentís Report

                A. Meetings Attended

                                1. Many committee meetings

                                                a. please continue to fill out committee reports and submit them to myself.

                                                b. All doing excellent work, with excellent projects planned. Details in reports.

                                2. Union Advisory Board

                                                a. Ford Ride Board discussed

                                                b. Union use policy - who can be there and for how long

                                                                - As it stands, it is a public building, so anyone can be there for as long                                                                   as it is open.

c. Will be talking about University art collections & lithograph artwork done last year at next meeting.

                B. City Relations

                                1. Will be attending meeting next Monday,

                                2. Will be setting up Student Senate Report on City Council Agenda

                                3. Will be contacting council members in our wards.

                                                a. redistricting policies

                                                b. housing policies

                                                c. Get to know you

                C. Office Management

                                1. SWOT - use it!

                D. Website

                                1. Content will be done by weekendís end

                                2. Take a look at it! We need to make revisions

                                3. BSU homepage - Student Life - Student Senate (under Clubs and Organizations)

VIII. Treasurer/Secretaryís Report

                - No Updates to Report

IX. Standing Committee Reports

                A. Legislative Affairs (Wuollet)

                                l. Discussed the Senateís top 5 state Lobby Day issues.

                                2. Reviewed the revised Student Senate election guidelines.

                                3. Looked at several more organizationís constitutions.

                B. Academic Affairs (Heisserer)

                                1. Suggestion boxes will be put up in residential halls next week.

                                2. (Sen. Swanson) - Undergraduate Catalogs cost $12 to produce and are free to students                                                with no limit to the number of catalogs they can have.

                                                a. The University will be moving to a CD & Web based system with                                                                           downloadable updates.

                C. Student Services (Sprafka)

                                1. We are looking into the possibilities of putting a stop light/sign at the crossing across                                    Birchmont Drive between Health Services and the Education-Arts Building.

                                2. Following up on our request for more sand to be put down after sidewalks have been                                       shoveled off.

                                3. (Sen. Becker) - we are making progress in the Variety Stores

                                                a. More products are being offered

                                                b. V8 Splash will be available soon

                                                c. 100% juices available, 10-35% also available

                                                d. Supplier may be able to get more local products

                                                e. More expensive clothing, though better quality, is not a good idea.

                                                f. Senate suggestion boxes will be going up in the Variety Stores

                                4. Will be looking into asking the art students to help brighten up, liven up our tunnels.

                                                a. Will be working with public relations and cultural diversity.

                                5. There have been two assaults on campus in the last two weeks.

                                                a. Security is lacking even more this year than last.

b. (Sen. Schuhert) - the University of Florida and Moorhead State University (?) have volunteer escort services.

                                                                - The only costs would be for T-shirts, if we wanted

c. We could pursue getting another officer on duty during the busy hours, so that person could be dedicated to the current escort service that is available.

                                                d. (Sen. DíSouza) - Is security a separate entity or is it a part of BSU?

                                                                - Security works with City of Bemidji Police, but is a part of BSU.

                                                e. (President Anderson) - Maybe they need to publish their current escort                                                       services                more first.

                                                f. (Sen. Wuollet) - Maybe a shuttle service would work well too.

                D. Public Relations (Melcher) (Given by: Sen. Restad)

                                1. We have two logo contest entries, both have some great ideas.

                                2. Open House/Christmas Party

                                                a. ARAMARK prices are ridiculous

                                                b. Asking for volunteers to cook/bake items & looking for someone with punch                                                     bowl/container

                                3. We have access to a display case in the Lower Union: we need to fill it.

                                4. Ford Ride Board:

                                                a. There are legal issues involved: insurance & liability

                                                b. Currently under advisement in Union Advisory Board

                                5. (Sen. Gassert) - Suggested using HUPB paints/materials to advertise BSU Student                                  Senate activities.

                E. Cultural Awareness

                                1. Will stick with existing projects - will start planning/implementing activities.

2. Working with public relation and student services to coordinate the painting of tunnels.

                                                a. Cultural murals &paintings by organizations and art students

X. Ad Hoc Committees

                A. Council of Indian Students

                                1. Will meet tomorrow and report back next week.

                                2. All senators are welcome to attend, meeting at 10am in Senate Office.

XI. University Committees

                A. Technology

                                1. Submitted article written by Mike Smith to VP Waletzko

                                (VP Waletzko) - submitted to Northern Student



XII. MSUSA Reports

                A. MSUSA Representative (Bunting) (Given by: VP Waletzko)

                                1. We are leaving for the Metro Conference at 11am Friday.

                                2. Submit committee reports to Sec. Maxwell or VP Waletzko

                B. MSUSA Cultural Diversity Representative (Albertson)

                                1. Attending conference this weekend.

                                2. Will report back next week.

XIII. Unfinished Business

                A. Swift N' Stylin' Dance Club Constitution Second Reading & Ratification

                                1. Unanimously ratified

XIV. New Business

                A. Appointments

                                1. University Recruitment & Retention Committee - Crystal Abernathy

                                2. University Outreach & Partnership Committee - Mary Beth Girus

                                3. University Parking Committee - Sen. Jeff Rotar
                B. Dissolving of CIS Committee

                                1. Tabled until 12-5 meeting


*Five Minute Recess - No objection

XV. Program

                A. President Andersonís Washington, DC Report

                                1. See Handout

XVI. Open Forum

                A. (Sen. Rotar) - would it be a good idea to put a Senate contact person for each dorm to address                 residential concerns (& others), near suggestion boxes?

                                1. Maybe not phone numbers, but e-mail.

                B. (Sen. Gassert) - Advertise Senate!

1. Perhaps we could use the empty bulletin board for students and Senate members to put goals on.

                                2. Taking leave of absence.

C. (Chair Sprafka) - Reminded Senate that the CIS committees deadline is next week and that the decision to dissolve it would be discussed.

                D. (Sen. Restad) - Because of fumes, we should to tunnel painting in spring

                E. (President Anderson) - Cathie Hatch is looking for people to help at SOAR

                F. Defense Intelligence Agency guest on campus at 5pm.

XVII. Motion to Adjourn

                A. Motioned by: Sen. Becker

                B. Seconded by: Chair Sprafka

                C. Time: