Bemidji State University

Student Senate

Proposed Mintues of January 23, 2002


I. Meeting called to order at 3:05pm, President Anderson acting as Speaker

II. Attendance:

                **If you have any concerns, see Vice-President Waletzko

                Guests: Nathan Voth for the Northern Student, Owen Gaard on behalf of concerned students, and Pat Crosby

III. Agenda

                A. Agenda approved

IV. Minutes

                A. Previous meeting's minutes approved

V. Guest Speakers

                A. President Quistgaard

                                1. Budget and Recommendations

                                                a. School looking at a 5% state budget reduction

                                                                -$1 Million

                                                b. There is a proposal for a sales tax on food and meal plans

                                                c. Also a proposal for an educational sales tax

                                                                -may not affect higher education

                                                d. Lobbying at state level

                                                e. All areas of state spending reduced slightly

                                                f. Guiding principles on hold while being reviewed

                                                                -When the review expires, formal recommendations will be forwarded to the President from the                                                                                 Executive Council

                                                g. Next President's newsletter will address many issues

                                                h. Don't know right now exactly what will happen with state budget

                                                                -May change before ratification

                                                i. University budget status will be determined over the course of the next month

                                                j. Tuition may go up

                                                                -State has warned of this possibility

                                                k. University budget will be cut

                                                                -Cut may be permanent through as late as 2005

                                                l. Want to operate on best info possible

                                2. Student payroll

                                                a. Student input lacking

                                                b. Asked acting academic affairs VP to look at other schools' pay scale as well as the local area

                                3. Water - Changed water system over winter break

                                                                -Conserve water & save $68000 per year

                B. Randy Ludamin, of Residential Life

                                1. Priority Points system

                                                a. Began the year with 200 more freshman than last year

                                                                - Our numbers currently in res match those of the late 80s and early 90s

                                                b. Need to go back to mandatory roommates in most all of the double rooms

                                                                -There is not enough room for as many people as there are with current policy of doubles-as-single                                                                 room quantity

                                                c. Could build another Hall

                                                                -It is not practical, nor is there need to

                                                                - That leaves doubling up the only option available

                                                d. Dorms not very attractive because people don't want to share close space

                                                e. Want to do wide-scale renovations to existing dorm facilities

                                                f. Will establish a points system

                                                                -Based on time spent in residence, academic achievement, and extra-curricular involvement.

                                                                                -Higher points means greater change of getting into some of the few double-as-single                                                                                 rooms to be reserved

                                                                                -Only academic achievement points be awarded for being on the Dean's List

                                                                -The system not final

                                                                -It is model from Western Washington State University

                                                g. Three options

                                                                -Deny housing, hold lottery, or the points system

                                                h. Next year will be a trial run. Evaluate and modify as necessary afterwards

                                                i. Floor study rooms will be moved to a centralized Hall study location

                                                j. Decisions need to be made fast, room sign up starts beginning of April

                                                k. Explanation of how points will be awarded

                                                l. Questions

                                                                -Pres. Anderson; like the concept, asked if points would be awarded for involvement on other                                                                       University committees

                                                                                -That will be looked into

                                                                -Sen. Weber; school teams be given points?

                                                                                -Debated heavily, decided against

                                                                -Sen. Rotar; local students have less priority than those from further away?

                                                                                -Location has no bearing in points system

                                                                -Chair Heisserer; points system may discriminate

                                                                -Rep. Gassert; doubles as singles be anywhere on campus, or designated locations only?

                                                                                -Will be wherever the student is

                                                                -Sen. Rotar; will find out before the fall if got into a single room?

                                                                                -Individual's acceptance of a single room will be announced before the fall semester                                                                                                begins


                                                                                -Pres. Anderson; extra consideration given to those in singles?

                                                                                                -No extra consideration will be given

                                                                                -Students be able to compare/review how many points they have/should have?

                                                                                                -Full opportunity to review how many points a student has will be available in                                                                                                            Residential Life

                                                                -Sen. Rowlette; how many existing doubles as singles?

                                                                                -There are almost 400.  Next year only 200 will be designated - almost 250 rooms                                                                                                 will be reverted to doubles-only

                                                                -VP Waletzko; single/singles-with-bath be considered as well?

                                                                                -Will be returned to students already there

                                                                                -Suites? Will be kept, but need to have at least three students, possibly four

                                                m. Misc. facts

                                                                -Expecting 1700 in dorms next fall

                                                                                -Eligibility for single rooms will be determined at the last mintue to best accomadate all                                                                                            circumstances

                                                                -Points will be removed for misconduct

                                                                -Some chance element in determining who gets a single

                                                                -Isn't only seniority based because had some student input

                                                                -Points system is long-term, and are looking at more relieved options for students for the future

* PR Chair Melcher takes over as acting Speaker

VI. President's Report

                A. Residential Life

                                1. Met with Dale Ladig to discuss Res Hall fee increases, points system, and other Res Life issues

                                2. Conference in Mankato

                                                a. MSUSA's request for a bookstore reserve account audit at all State Universities

                                                b. State higher educational budget cut

                                                c. Proposed tax on student meal plans

                                                d. MSUSA's motion supporting the Senate bill that would allow students to rent textbooks from the school                                                             bookstores

                                                e. Nominations for MSUSA's State and Vice Chair

                                                f. Lobby Day

                B. Martin Luther King Presentation

                                1. Attended MLK Day gathering at BSU

                                                a. Excellent turn-out

                                                b. Talked with Robert Shimeck

                                                                -Past guest speaker for MSUSA that was interviewed by and appeared on local news

                C. Residential Hall Association

                                1. Talked with RHA President Greg Bahr

                                                a. Discussed meal plan tax

                                                b. State's consultation process at BSU

                                                c. Residential Life points system

                                                d. Parking Committee

                D. Linda Blanchard

                                1. Met to discuss several Senate issues

                                                a. addressed parking problem

                                                b. Gendron Johnson lithograph

                                                c. becoming new Senate advisor

                E. Lobby Day

                                1. Jaime and Bill will be working to get over 50 students to go to Lobby day

                                2. Encouragement to get as many people as possible to attend

                                3. All Senators and Cabinet members expected to go

                F. Bonding

                                1. This year is a bonding year

                                                a. a year where MnSCU's endorsed a list of projects for all state higher educational institutions

                                2. BSU's only project is money for co-location of the tech college

                                3. Rep. Fuller is carrying bonding additions to the hockey arena on separate bonding bill

                G. Parking

                                1. Have a handout from Erle Staigauf from Security about why we shouldn't ask the university to open the lot across                                    m Birch

                                2. Well over 50 complaint forms in hand asking to get it opened

                H. Bookstore revenue

                                1. University is responsible for maintaining a committee to allocate almost $100,000 in income.

                                                a. It is a MnSCU policy

                                                b. We have twice asked the university to comply

                                                                -They still haven't done so

                                2. Looking for a formal vote of support for a statement of disapproval

                I. Ventura

                                1. Have a copy of the Governor's budget recommendations to make up for "missing money" in higher education

                                                a. If you want to see it, just ask

                J. Advisor

                                1. Desperately need one.  Looking for a motion in New Business

                K. Arizona

                                1. Have enough money to send two people to State Student Association Conference in AZ

                                2. $650/person, Senate pays

                L. Federal Lobby Day

                                1. Applications available

                                                a. Please turn in by next Tuesday

                                                b. Be prepared to discuss why would like to go

                                                c. Will be voting on next week

                M. Elections

                                1. Need a Chair and committee

                                2. Encourage at least three friends

                                3. Still need to set a date for elections

                N. Open Positions

                                1. Encourage friends to apply for Senate asap

                                2. Looking to appoint to open positions

VII. Vice-President's Report

                A. Meetings

                                1. VP search

                                2. Who's Who?

                                3. Mankato conference

                B. Office management

                                1. Schedules

                                2. Bios

                                3. Evaluations

                                4. Committees

                C. City of Bemidji

                                1.City Council meeting

                                                a. Report

                                                b. Youth advisory Commission meeting in February

                                                c. Contact police

                                                                -Birchmont speed limit

                D. Resignations/Leave of Absence

                                1. Speaker Miller

                                2. Chair Sprafka

                                3. Sen. Schuhert is back\

VIII. Treasurer's Report

                A. Nothing to report

IX. Committees

                A. Legislative Affairs

                                1.Went to Mankato

                                                a. Have some ideas

                                2. Main goal to get organized for spring semester

                B. Academic Affairs

                                1. Sent list-serv to faculty

                                                a. "Thank you" - basic PR

                                2. Meetings will hopefully be Wednesdays from 11:00 to 12:00

                                3.Talked to Marsha at Computer Services

                                                a. Only problem now is just getting all the syllabi to the server

                C. Cultural Diversity

                                1. February is Black History month

                                2. Feast of Nations

                                                a. Apr. 1

                                                b. Need help

                                3. Went with Admissions Director Kevin Drexel to Cincinatti

                                                a. 20,000 CDs of undergrad catalog to possible students

                                                                -Will be out sometime in March

                D. Public Relations

                                1. Have one good submission for the logo contest

                E. MSUSA

                                1. Went to conference

                                2. Use the MSUSA message board

                F. MSUSA CD

                                1. Also went to conference

                                                a. Learned a few things

                                2. Lobby Day Feb. 13, so sign up

X. Old Business

                A. None

XI. New Business

                A. Rep Gassert; Parking Resolution (see handout)

                                1. A parking lot that was open no longer is

                                                a. Not enough open spots

                                Chair Heisserer seconded the resolution

                                2. Is a safety issue about walking across campus at night

                                3. Movement to suspend the rules

                                                a. Rules suspended

                                4. Sen. Rotar: Someone was complaining about the parking lot being closed

                                                a. Person he talked to needed higher authority to re-open it

                                                b. Tickets were being given out too early

                                                c. It is a huge problem, and needs to be dealt with

                                5. Rep. Gassert yeilded to Owen Gaard

                                                a. Got over 100 complaint forms

                                                                -Had 57 completed and returned at the meeting

                                                                -Many people complaining

                                                b. Overwhelming support for other parking lot

                                6. Sen. Becker; Need to look at off-campus students as well as on-campus

                                7. Sen. Smith; Perhaps a separate parking permit for overnight parking only in certain lots

                                8. Sen. Rotar; off-campus should park in Maple lot

                                                a. Can walk during the day as Maple and Oak residents do

                                9. Pres. Anderson; we represent all students

                                                a. Work hard to make sure the administration knows what students think

                                                b. Resolution can only be passed as-is

                                10. Sen. Weber; it should only affect late at night on-campus parking

                                11. Chair Heisserer called the question

                                                a. Two no, one abstain

                                                                -Resolution passes

* Sen. Becker and Rep. Gassert left, quorem lost

** Unable to take any further action.

                B. Bookstore Resolution

                                1. First reading

                C. AZ National State Student Association trip

                D. Career Services motion

                E. Residential Life points system resolution

                F. Advisor

                G. Elections Chair Appointment

XII. Open Forum

                A. Pres. Anderson; thank Owen Gaard for coming

XIII. Adjournment

                A. Chair Heisserer moved to adjourn

                                1. Sen. Rowlette seconded

                                                a. Passed