Bemidji State University

Student Senate

Proposed Minutes

January 30, 2002


I. Meeting called to order at 3:04 pm, TJ Melcher acting as Speaker

II. Attendance:


President Anderson (12-1-0-0), Vice-President Waletzko (13-0-0-0), Sec./Treas. Maxwell, Leg. Affairs/MSUSA CD Rep. Albertson (7-0-0-0), Ac. Affairs Chair Heisserer (13-0-0-0), PR Chair Melcher (11-2-0-0), Cultural Awareness Chair D’Souza (7-0-0-0), Tech. Rep. Gassert (11-1-0-1), MSUSA Campus Rep. Rowlette (7-0-0-0)



                Sen. Becker (70-0-0), Sen. Bellefy (5-2-0-0), Sen. Frink (6-0-1-0), Sen. Miller (3-2-2-0), Sen. Propeck (4-2-0-0),

Sen. Restad (6-1-0-0), Sen. Rotar (6-1-0-0), Sen. Ruge (12-1-0-0), Sen. Schuhert (4-1-2-0), Sen. Smith (6-1-0-0),

Sen. Tengwall (10-2-1-0), Weber, Jeff (6-1-0-0)


                Guests: Nathan Voth for the Northern Student, Faith Benassi, Will Cloutman, James Miller


III. Approval of Agenda

                A. Addition – Temp Appointments in New Business

                B. Addition – Bill SR0205 in New Business

                C. Amended agenda is passed unanimously 

IV. Approval of Minutes -Previous meeting’s minutes approved

V. Guest Speakers:

                A. Dale Ladig

                                1. Rate comparisons of room and board

                                2. Derived Rates

                                3. Consultation process of determining rates

                                4. Wanting feedback Mid October to November 1st

                                5. Lowest rates St Cloud state, Highest Moorhead

                                6. Meal Plans

                                                a. BSU is high

                                                b. Number of people eating is dropping

                                7. Union

                                                a. Will hold off on review

                                8. Oak Lounge

                                                a. Getting furniture on second floor

                B. Brian Allen

                                1. Budget deficit

                                2. Tech fee

                                                a. Allocate $1.00 tech fee to CTLR community

                                                                - Labs having full access to students

                                                                - They have a budget surplus

                                                                - Policy to be revised on an as needed basis

*Movement to suspend the rules: have old business and new business, then reports.

VI. Old Business

                A. Bookstore resolution (Vice-President Waletzko)

                                1. MnSCU policy to have bookstore committee.

                                2. Bookstore committee will allocate a portion of bookstore revenues in a manner to benefit the student body. 

                                3. Bill SR02-02 (see handout)

                                4. Vice-President Waletzko moves, CD Chair D’Souza seconds. Motion passes unanimously

                B. Arizona National State Association Conference (President Anderson)

                                1. We should send two people, last year a lot was learned

                                2. Senator Smith: We shouldn’t send two people on vacation. 

                                3. Moved by Webber to send two people to the Arizona trip with everything included. Seconded by Rep Gassert.

                                                * Motion passes

                                4. Must turn in application and have a question and answer period in front of the senate.

                C. Residential Life Point System Resolution

                                1. Points given out for involvement and residency in residential hall (see handout)

                                2. Chair Heisserer - Moved to oppose the Resident Priority Point Card by - Seconded by Sen. Becker.

                                                a. People moving off campus because of it

                                                b. What else could they do?

                                3. Amendment to add in favor of a more simplified merit based system.

                                                a. Motioned by Sen Weber, seconded by Sen Becker

                                                b. Possibly change so the points for conduct probation are higher.

                                                c. Possibility put in something for jobs

                                                d. It could use general clubs and organizations

                                                e. Senator Becker called the question.

                                                f. Vote taken for the amendment to oppose the resolution

                                                                - Four Yes, Six No - Resolution failed

                                                g. Motion to approve Resident Priority Point Card. Five Yes, Four No, Two abstentions. Resolution passes.

                D. Student Senate Advisor

                                1. We need a new advisor.

                                2. Make committee to figure out options

                                3. Motion to approve Chair D’Souza

                                4. Motion Passes unanimously

     VII. New Business

                A. Swift n’ Stylin Dance Club

                                1. Motion to retract our approval - changes were advised by Associate Director Linda Blanchard, Leg. Affairs                                        agreed with chages

                                2. Motion passed unanimously

                B. Temp Appointments

                                1. Moved and seconded (who?) on temp appointments of four people. Motion passed unanimously

                                                a. Ann Gassert (Student Services, Amber Restad (Public Relations), TJ Melcher (Speaker), Kristy Matson                                                      (Treasurer/Secretary)

                C. Technology Fee Allocation - Sen Becker moved, Weber Seconds not to allocate $1.00 of tech fees to departmental labs.

                                1. This will be moved to old business next week.

                D. SR02-05 Adopt a Sidewalk

                                1. First Reading

                                2. This will be moved to old business next week.

                E. Room and Board Fee’s

                                1. Motioned by Rep Gassert, Seconded by Chair Heisserer to approve room and board fees for next year.

                                                a. 5 yes, 0 no, 5 abstentions. Motion passes

VIII. President’s Report

                A. Meetings and Events Attended

                                1. University Parking Committee

                                2. President Quistgaard

                                3. Parking

                B. Apologize for confusion on Revenue fund

                C. Consultation: Working on area with Dale etc.

                D. Lobby Day

                                1. How many have signed up their 20 people

                E. Parking

                                1. Administration agreed to open the North Ed Arts lot to overnight parking

                                2. Create 40 more spots by opening the tennis courts up

                F. Bookstore revenue

                                1. Motion on the floor

                                2. Four applicants to sit on the committee

                G. Advisor Committee

                                1. Anyone who wants to join

                                2. Meet two times

                                3. Recommend an advisor by next weeks meeting

                H. Arizona Trip

                                1. Voting on this today

                                2. Turn in your application by Tuesday

                                3. Voting on candidates next Wednesday.

                I. Lobby Day DC.

                                1. Extended one week

                                2. Due by Tuesday at 4:00 pm

                                3. Voting next weeks meeting

                                4. Be prepared to give a short statement

                J. Elections

                                1. Will be picking a chair next week

                                2. Open positions and resignations

                                3. Patrick will be dealing with and discussing

                K. Temporary Appointment

                                1. Will be done today

                                2. Picking permanent positions by next week

                                3. If interested in a position please turn in your application by Friday of this week.

                L. Thank You

                                1. Semester is looking good.

                                2. Parking is a great success for Senate

                                3. Look forward to a successful semester.

IX. Vice-President’s Report

                A. Meetings attended

                                1. VP of Academic Affairs

                                2. City of Bemidji

                                                a. Youth Advisory Commission

                                                                - Meting this upcoming weekend

                                                                - 5pm in City Council Chambers

                                                                - May be asking some of you to attend with me.

                                                b. Meeting with city officials

                                                                - Next Thursday

                B. Office Management

                                1. Schedules – still haven’t received many people’s

                                2. Check Mailboxes

                                3. Keep Clean

                C. Website

                                1. Uploaded some changes last night.

                                2. Committee pages are not currently working

                                3. Committee pages, when working, are the committee’s pages

                                                - Feel free to let me know what you want to do with them and what you want them to look like.

                                4. Continuous updating so may not be completely up to date every day.

                D. Resignations

                                1. TJ from Public Relations

                                2. Swanson

                                3. Treas./Sec. Maxwell

                                4. Lundquist

X. Treasurer’s Report

                A. Nothing to report

XI. Standing Committee Reports

                A. Legislative Affairs

                                1. Lobby Day

                                2. Mini Lobby Day

                                3. Constitutions

                                4. MSUSA website

                B. Academic Affairs

                                1. Meeting time

                C. Student Services

                                  1. Meeting time

                D. Cultural Diversity

                                1. Meeting time Thursday 12:00 or 1:00

                                2. More progress

                E. Public Relations

                                  1. Meeting time

XII. MSUSA Reports

                A. MSUSA Campus Representative

                                1. Lobby Day

                                2. Money for buses

                                3. Breakfast

                B. MSUSA CD Representative

                                1. Nothing to report

XIII. Ad Hoc Committees

XIV. University Committees

XV. Open Forum

                A. President Anderson- go to committee meetings

                B. Sen Restad- Going to hall council

                C. Read minutes

                D. MSUSA Rep Rowlette- Bus $795 for Lobby Day

*Back to New Business (VII)

                F. Bus for Lobby Day

                                1. Motion for Senate to fund bus ($795) to Lobby day

                                2. Amend to move to approve $795 for bus and MSUSA Rep Rowlette will look for outside funding.

                                3. Motion Passes unanimously

                 XII. Adjournment