Bemidji State University

Proposed Student Senate Minutes

03 April 2002


I.   Call to order: 3:12 PM

II. Roll Call:


President Anderson (19-1-0-0), Vice-President Waletzko (20-0-0-0), Speaker Melcher (15-5-0-0), Secretary/Treasurer Matson (10-0-0-0), Legislative Affairs/MSUSA CD Rep. Albertson (14-0-0-0), Ac. Affairs Chair Heisserer (19-1-0-0), Student Services Chair Gassert (18-1-0-1), PR Chair Restad (11-2-1-0), Cultural Diversity Chair D’Souza (13-1-0-0), MSUSA Campus Rep. Rowlette (13-1-0-0)



Sen. Anderson (4-1-0-0), Sen. Beberg (3-0-0-0), Sen. Becker (7-7-0-0), Sen. Bellefy (8-4-0-0), Sen. Cloutman (6-1-0-0), Sen. Frink (11-0-3-0), Sen. Gronquist (5-0-0-0), Sen. Ruge (19-1-0-0), Sen. Schaumburg (0-9-0-0), Sen. Weber (9-2-1-0)


III. Approval of Agenda:

                A. Remove Jay Passa from Guest Speakers.

                B. New Business: Appointments-Media Board

                C. Agenda approved with corrections

IV. Approval of Minutes:

                A. Clerical Guest Speakers, A. 17 Hike not hick

                B. Old business, A, #22, change to abstain.

                C.  Minutes passed

V. Guest Speakers:

                A. President Quistgaard:

                                1. Monetary Report

                                2. University planning process

                                3. University Assessment: Are students learning anything?

                                4. Students at BSU compared to other Universities

                B. Susan Hauser- Hand out draft of the NCA Monitoring report

                                1. Five year program review.

                                2. Students should expect to be able to compete

                                3. Next year maybe take a day off to give information to students               

                                4. Draft- Explanation of parts

                                5. Results of assessment in the classroom, how to express that on paper

                                6. We can rearrange schedules to work on the outcome

                                7. Challenge is to find out what can be done to improve

                                8. Try to find how to get information back to students

                                9. Hope to have most done by the end of the school year

                                10. Due end of September

                                11. Browse through it. Comments go to Dave Larkin

                                12. Try to tell the story of the university.

                                13. Planning committees be integrated into it

                                14. President Anderson: Does the accreditation loss in Education have anything to do with this?

                                15. No, we have different types of accreditation, and disciplinary standards.

                                16. It will be about 20-30 pages and then 15-20 pages of appendix

                C. President Quistgaard: Tuition

                                1. The more you are increasing the more points you get

                                2. Now there is a rescission

                                3. Need to come up with more money.

                                4. Money flows through tuition also

                                5. Funding comes to us that way; we keep all that money

                                6. Capital campaign-raise additional money

                                7. Reduced by 50 FTE since 1990.

                                8. Reducing administrative end to hold our cost down

                                9. Reduced 17 academic programs since 1990

                                10. We haven’t gone after cutting library and laboratory hours, which is what people cut first

                                11. We do everything in our power to have student graduate on time

                                12. Want advisors to know you

                                13. Hold class size down

                                14. Lowest number for classes of more than 50 students

                                15. Highest number for classes of less than 20 students

                                16. Not taking out of library accusations, students need that

                                17. Need to invest in our faculty

                                18. Seeing more students that have needs, putting more money towards that.

                                19. Last year looking at 13.8% for this year

                                20. Heath Insurance is going to go up next year

                                21. Contract settlements raise 4.4%

                                22. Need money for the reserve $50,000

                                23. Might not be able to meet the needs of our needy students

                                24. Trying to do about 11% increase.

                                25. Trying to get into range with other MNSCU schools

                                26. MSUSA Rep Rowlette: Is it justifiable?

                                27. We compete with UMD, we should be able compare with them

                                28. BSU has highest graduation rates

                D. Paul Lindseth: Tuition Banding.

                                1. Students are taking out more loans

                E. President Quistgaard (cont.)

                                1. Tuition on a longer term; hopefully the State of Minnesota will “see the light.”

                                2. Tuition will probably go up in the future.

                                3. President Anderson-can we get the budget on paper when it is made?

                                4. MSUSA Rep Rowlette- Can you look at other states that have mild increases, for ex. Arizona?

                                                a. They have more state support, state charging for tuition, health insurance, and faculty contracts.

                                5. Look at the 11% figure; we brought it down from 13.8%.

*Motion to suspend the rules & have presidents report then old business*

VI. Presidents Report:

                A. Nellie Stone Johnson died last night.

                B. Graduate Student Association.

                                1. Feel as if they should have separate representation on university committees.

                C. Elections coming up, talk to friends or neighbors to run

                D. Keep doing our jobs. It would be nice if MSUSA rep Rowlette and Chair Gassert were paying attention.

                E. Bookstore committee will meet.

                F. Adding people to Media Board.

                G. SAFAC is talking about an increase in student activity fees.

 Old Business:

                A. Senate Constitution

                                1. Didn’t get done yet

                                2. Will email out to people.

New Business

                A. Smoking policy

                                1. Clerical

                                2. Reading of bill

                                3. Chair Gassert: Under Be it further resolved add move butt stops.

                B. Appointments:

                                1. Media Board:

                                                a. President Anderson would like to appoint:

                                                                President Anderson                Chair Albertson

                                                                Chair Gassert                   Vice-President Waletzko

                                                                                        Caleb Werth

                                                b. All appointments pass unanimously

                C. President and Vice Presidential Debates

                                1. Hold at 12:00 on 4/16/02

                D. Newspaper Subscription

                                1. Chair Restad to look in to prices for subscription to papers.

                                2. Motion passes

*Motion to have the Student Service report after Vice-President report*

 *Passing of gavel to President Anderson*

VII.  Vice President Report:

                A. Who’s Who

                                1. Reception/Ceremony on May 5

                B. Leadership Luncheon Series

                                1. Emotional Intelligence

                C. Year-end report for Chairs

                D. City Council

                                1. Charter Communications & Paul Bunyan Cable

                E. Elections chair Frink needs people

                F. Thank you for the sliced carrots

VIII. Standing Committee Reports

                C. Student Services Committee:

                                1. Complaints about the Northern Students.

                                2. Vax name not being changed

                                3. Security training

                                4. Please consider smoking policy resolution

*Chair Gassert left*

                A. Legislative Affairs:

                                1. Working on Constitution

                                2. Working on Cleaning up

                B. Academic Affairs:

                                1. New senator packets

                D. Public Relations

                                1. No Report

                E. Cultural Diversity

                                1. Going ahead with murals

                                2. Meet with residential halls for help with murals

XI. MSUSA Reports

                A. MSUSA Campus Representative:

                                1. Penny Fellowship Program

                                2. Winona State Conference

                B. MSUSA Cultural Diversity Representative:

                                1. Feast of Nations

                                2. Chair Heisserer’s drawing is awful.

XIV.  Open Forum:

                A. President Anderson: Next week Wednesday no classes, should we have a senate meeting?

                                1. Chair Heisserer: Moves to have an informal vote on having a meeting next week Wednesday.

                                2. Unofficial vote to have a meeting next week April 10th passes

                B. Senator Matson: What happened to the Joke of the Day?

                C. Rep Rowlette: Any talk about smokers shack.

XV. Adjournment

                A. Move by Chair Heisserer seconded by Chair Albertson to adjourn

                B. All of favor