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Career Services

Services for Distance Students

As a BSU distance student you have access to all the student services offered by BSU Career Services including career fairs, assessment testing, access to Connect2Careers - our online resume and job posting service, job search services, and more. We offer a number of online resources throughout this website especially helpful to our distance students including online workshops, and resources lists. We also offer resume review by email to aid you in preparing your resume.

Services of Special Interest to Distance Students

Online Workshops

Online presentations of our on-campus workshops for viewing anytime. 

Email Resume Review

We offer resume review for our distance students via email.

Online Resources


Connect2Careers is Bemidji State University's online job listing and resume referral system exclusively for BSU students and alumni and employers interested in hiring them. It is recommended that all BSU students register with and utilize this system.

Candid Career

3 minute job preparation videos on a wide range of topics that will help you prepare for and land the job you want.

Services for All Students


We offer opportunities for you to connect directly with employers throughout the year with On Campus Recruiting and Career Fairs. We also have Career Fairs listed throughout the state. You'll also find a calendar of on-campus workshops.

Career Exploration

Tools to help you narrow down your options and zero in on the career and major that is best suited for you.

Resumes and Cover Letters

We offer a host of resources to aid you in writing your resume and cover letter. They are your personal marketing tool and your foot in the door in helping you line up an interview with a potential employer.

Self-Managed Credential Files

Information on establishing and maintaining your credential file for use when applying for jobs and internships. Credential files include references, letters of recommendation, and copies of your transcript.


Prepare for and locate an internship that will be best suited to advance your career goals. We have tools to help you prepare for searching for an internship, and a database of employers who have provided internships to BSU students.

Job Search

Tools to help you prepare for and execute your job search, from resume writing to job listings. Connect2Careers is our online resume and job posting service. We also have detailed Job Seeking Handbooks available for download with even more detailed information.