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Career Exploration

Explore the Possibilities . . .

You’ve got a world of opportunities at your feet, what do you want to do? It’s a big question and a little guidance can go a long way to help you figure it out. Career Services offers you a host of tools to help you in the process whether you are just starting out and choosing your major, or redefining your career options somewhere down the road. 

Learn More About It  . . . Interview a Professional

Article : Conducting An Informational Interview [pdf]
A great way to learn more about a potential career choice is to conduct an informational interview with a professional in the field you are interested in. The interview can help you get an idea if the field is right for you and it is a great way to establish future internship or employment connections.


Career Assessment

Career Assessment will help you learn more about yourself and pinpoint career options best suited to you. 

Career Outlook

Find out about the major programs available at BSU and get a glimpse of the future career outlooks.

Career Planning

Learn the four steps to successful career planning in our step by step, year by year planning guide.