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Full-time Employment


Your Path to Professional Experience Starts Here

Job searching for full-time employment is a lengthy process that takes time and effort.  We recommend that you start your job search 6-9 months before you graduate to be able to take advantage of the many resources that Career Services has for you, including Job Fairs, on-campus recruiting, job search workshops, resume/cover letter critiques and our Grad Prep for Seniors event.

You will want to be registered in Connect2Careers to access any job openings that we post and where employers will have access to your resume as well.

In addition, our Job Listings link gives you access to government, non-profit, and numerous nationwide job boards that you can access according to your major.

Career Services is here to assist you as you begin your journey to find that professional position.  Be sure to take advantage of all the resources we have to offer, including Job Choices, where you can find sample resumes, cover letters, interviewing advice to set you apart from other applicants in the job search process.