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Self-Managed Credentials for Educators

Self-Managed Credential

If you are planning to enter the profession of teaching, it is very probable that you will be required at some point in your job search to produce “credentials”, “letters of recommendation”, or “references”. School districts throughout the country now readily accept “self-managed” credentials submitted directly by the applicant.

Advantages of Managing Your Own Credentials

  • Control of your file: what is in it, what goes out to employers and when-you are in charge!
  • Cost: your only cost is for photocopies, envelopes, and postage
  • Comprehensive package: you can mail all of your paperwork (cover letter, resume, letters of recommendation, transcripts, license, etc.) in one comprehensive mailing

Assembling Your Self-Managed Credentials

Self-manage your credentials by keeping updated copies of the following suggested items on hand to share with districts as you apply for jobs:

  • An education credentials cover sheet (optional).
  • Standard cover letter/letter of interest. Tailor to specific district/position as appropriate.
  • Resume
  • Copies of letters of recommendation (usually 3) or reference sheet
  • Student teaching final recommendation
  • New teacher candidates will need to obtain final evaluations directly from the Clinical Experiences Office, EA 319.
  • Copy of teaching license (if available; this is not necessary for recent graduates in the process of obtaining certification)
  • Copy of unofficial transcript(s) (Do not use the transcript from the BSU website for student access.)
  • Most districts will also request that you complete some type of a district application form. Check with the individual district for specific guidelines. (Many are already online.)

Covers for Self Managed Credential Files

Download the appropriate cover for your Self Managed File and enter your name and major before printing.

Applying for Teaching Positions

  • For each position that you apply for: Provide employers with an original cover letter and resume. Make copies of other documents to provide to a potential employer. Do not give out your original signature documents or original license.
  • The appearance of your credential documents is as important as your cover letter and resume. Use quality paper and a reliable source for duplicating to insure copies are visually appealing and easy to read.
  • You may wish to create a cover sheet to enhance the appearance of your credential documents.
  • When mailing your credential documents, make sure you know the correct postage required. Additional documents, weight of paper, and type of mailing envelope may impact the postage rate.
  • Neatly assemble your credentials. Do not fold bulky materials. Personalize the mailing to the appropriate hiring contact within the district. Type mailing addresses and return address on the appropriate size envelope or use a computer-generated label.


Career Services and the BSU Department of Education strongly recommend that all students, new graduates, and alumni register with the BSUCareers system. This system is an online resume referral and job listing system exclusively available to BSU students, new graduates, and alumni. For more information on BSUCareers services available to students and new graduates, visit our homepage:

As part of the professional teacher course you will be required to:

Benefits of Being Registered with BSUCareers:

  • Access to additional teaching openings
  • Resumes may be referred to potential employers
  • Register for on-campus interviewing (when appropriate)
  • Register for Job and Career Fairs