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Etiquette Tip of The Week- July 8-14th

Jul 9, 2013

There are three styles of serving a meal:

1) Butler Style: food is portioned out for you and served, often in a pretty presentation (butler not required)
2) Buffet Style: food in set out on another table and you serve yourself, then return to your table
3) Banquet Style: platters or bowls of food are passed around the table and you serve yourself

One of the great ironies, is when you go to a large banquet, they usually serving “Butler Style,” not “Banquet Style.”

When should you begin eating?
1) At a banquet or any dining situation where you are sitting at a table with eight or fewer people, begin when everyone at your table has been served. (It is not necessary to wait for all 200 people in the banquet hall to be served.) If there are nine or more people at the table, wait until at least a few people have been served to begin.
2) In an interview meal or dinner party, follow your host’s lead and begin eating when your host begins.

3) With a buffet, you may begin eating as soon as you are seated, but it is polite to wait until at least a few people have joined you. You never want to look like you are half-starved at a business meal.

No matter what style, remember to sit up straight and bring the food up to you.