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Using Your Strengths

Bemidji State University is committed to the success of all of our students.  Key factors to success are for students to engage in the learning process and have the confidence to succeed.  Through identification, development, and utilization of their top 5 Strengths, our goal is to enable students to achieve academic, career, and personal success.

To start the self-exploration process, the first step is to identify your Top 5 Strengths through StrengthsQuest. 

Once you have learned what your strengths are, the next step is to develop your strengths

Each individual strength is valuable in choosing a major/career, achieving academic success, and succeeding in the job search process.

For a brief description on how to apply your specific talents in careers, academics and the job search process, the 34 Themes of Talent are listed below.

Strengths Success Cards

Now that you've discovered your Top 5 Themes of Talents learn how to develop and apply those to your academic and career success.  Click on each of the individual strengths below to find out specifically how to apply to study skills, choosing and major and ultimately applying for a job.