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Do you know your top five strengths?

Strengths Quest - Developed by the Gallup Organization, StrengthsQuest uses the StrengthsFinder assessment to assess your innate top five talents and offers online resources to assist students in using their talents in career exploration, relationships, academics, job search, etc.  All students who enroll in First Year Experience Seminar will participate in StrengthsQuest assessment and instruction to learn their top 5 themes of talent.

For students who are not enrolled in a First Year Experience Seminar, you can still request a code from the Advising Success Center to be able to take the StrengthsFinder assessment at no charge.

There are 34 Themes of Talent measured by the StrengthsFinder and these talents are naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling or behavior that can be turned into Strengths when you add knowledge and skills. 

If you took the StrengthsFinder assessment (or want to take the assessment)  and need access to your “Top 5 Themes of Talent”, contact the Advising Success Center to assist you in this matter.

Strengths Success Cards

Now that you've discovered your Top 5 Themes of Talents learn how to develop and apply those to your academic and career success.  Click on each of the individual strengths below to find out specifically how to apply to study skills, choosing and major and ultimately applying for a job.

StrengthsQuest Formula
for Success

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