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Workshops are free to BSU students and on-campus workshops are offered throughout the year. Online presentations of select workshops are also available. Check out our calendar of upcoming workshops.

On Campus Workshops

Topics presented include:

  • Art of Interviewing
  • Art of Interviewing for Teachers
  • Choosing a Major
  • Finding an Internship
  • Job Seeking Skills
  • Job Search for International Students
  • MN Education Job Fair Orientation
  • Resumes and Cover Letters

Specialized workshops, not listed, may be given as needed. Staff members are also available to make presentations to student clubs and organizations.

Etiquette Tip of the Week:  So Many Forks...

Because Etiquette Tip of the Week readers are so smart, they send in great questions and ideas. One reader who knows the basics asked for a little more info on specialty utensils.  So this week's Tip will cover forks.

As suggested by another astute reader, I am going to use a visual. So attached is a map of a place setting to follow.

Do not be intimidated by a table full of flatware.  With each course, start with the utensils furthest from the plate and work your way in.

Forks you may recognize:  Fork #2 is a Dinner Fork and Fork #3 is a Salad Fork.  In this map, the main course will come before the salad, so the salad fork is pictured closer to the plate.  That is a European tradition often used in very formal meals.  Most of the time you will see those two forks reversed, with the Dinner Fork closest to the plate.  Sometimes both Dinner and Salad Forks will be exactly the same size, so again, start with the fork on the outside.

Above the plate is the Dessert Fork. (Yay!)  Don't despair if you don't see a Dessert Fork when you are seated at the table.  Sometimes the Dessert Fork arrives on the plate with dessert.

What is that funky, curvy fork to the far left? Fork #1 is a Fish Fork. Its shape is instrumental in helping separate the fish on your plate from the bones.  (I know some find it disturbing when your third course is looking back at you, but that's the way of it.)

Our last fork, tiny little Fork #8 is the first fork in the meal.  It's a Seafood Fork, also known as a Cocktail Fork. You may see this resting in the bowl of your Soup Spoon when the First Course is a Seafood Course, such as shrimp cocktail or scallops.  Notice this fork has three prongs.  A similar fork with two prongs is an Escargot Fork.

For you fork snobs, there is also a Lobster Fork, Oyster Fork, Fruit Fork, Strawberry Fork, Pastry Fork and Ice Cream Fork (which we have mentioned before looks a lot like its hillbilly cousin, the "Spork.")  Now that you are in the know, keep it under wraps from anyone about to go crazy with a Bridal Registry.