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Negotiating Salaries

The Ten Commandments of Salary Negotiations

Published on by Walter S. Keller

  1. Research your profession’s salary range.
  2. Select a target salary or total pay.
  3. Don’t initiate salary discussions.
  4. When asked for your salary requirements what do you say? 
    • You may either ask when their salary range is for this position or give them a range you have set.
  5. Discuss benefits separately from salary.
  6. Analyze benefits separately from salary.
  7. Analyze all benefit packages with a family member or friend, or with an insurance, investment or bank professional.
  8. Consider the cost of living if you are moving to a new area.
  9. Discuss why you deserve a substantial increase if the salary is too low.
  10. Always assume a firm’s first offer is negotiable and never accept and offer at the interview.