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Disability Services
Bangsberg 101
Phone: (218) 755-3883


Mailing Address:
1500 Birchmont Dr. NE #43
Bemidji, MN 56601-2699

Student Responsibilities

Students with disabilities have responsibilities like all students.  As students receiving accommodations there are rules that go with the accommodations themselves.  To help students understand what they need to do, the following information will be helpful to have in mind.


 Student Responsibility Checklist

Responsibilities to apply for and receive accommodations for a disability include:

à      Student must contact the Coordinator, Disability Services Office and request the paperwork to start a file and document their disability.  Paperwork includes an Intake Form and Release of Information Authorization(s) which must be filled out and returned to the Disability Services Office.  The Disability Services Office will send out the Release of Information Authorization to the appropriate professional(s) along with a request for appropriate information to document the disability.  Once a file is established you don't have to do this step again.


à      Once classes begin students will be given a syllabus in each class.  You need to read through each syllabus and learn what each course requires.  Make a note of the accommodation(s) you will need for each course.  You may not need an accommodation in every course.  (You must do this step every semester.)


à      By the second week of class you need to come to the Disability Services Office and meet with the designated person to set up accommodations for each course that you need them in.  Along with the designated person you will fill out the Faculty Notification Form requesting appropriate accommodations.


à      You are responsible for giving the Faculty Notification Form to your professor.  The professor may choose to visit with you briefly to determine whether or not they can do anything else to enhance your learning.  Not every professor will want to do this.


à      If you have requested a note taker as an accommodation you are required to go to class and pay attention.  Students who skip class or sleep through class (not disability related) will not receive notes for the missed classes or classes slept through.  It is also your responsibility to notify the Coordinator of Disability Services if there is any problem with your notes.  If you aren't getting them in a timely manner, they are illegible or don't have the information they should have you need to report this right away to the Coordinator so the situation can be corrected.


à      If you have requested testing out of class as an accommodation you are responsible for filling out a gold Exam Notification form at least three days before your exam.  You are responsible for reminding your instructor two or three days ahead of the test date to send the exam to my office.  If you need a reader or scribe for your exams you must let the Disability Services Office know one week in advance.  If you need to miss a test, you must contact your professor to see whether or not you can still write the exam.  Exams are the property of the instructor and you must make arrangements with them regarding writing an exam earlier or later than the assigned time. Once you have spoken to your instructor contact the receptionist in Disability Services to reschedule your exam. This is to be done for every exam.  A copy of the testing rules is attached.


à      If you received textbooks on tape as an accommodation, it is your responsibility to get a copy of the syllabus so you know what textbook is being used for the course.  If you work with Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic or some other agency that provides textbooks on tape, it is your responsibility to contact the agency and see if they have your book on tape already.  If you they do, you need to order it.


à      If you have textbooks that need to be taped and you do not work with a taping agency you will need to buy the textbook and bring it to the Disability Services Office to be taped.  You will need to purchase the textbook prior to the term it will be used so that readers can begin reading before the start of classes.  You should meet with the Coordinator of Disability Services as soon as you have registered for classes to determine a timeline to have your books purchased to be taped for you.


à      For students who receive Priority Registration you need to keep track of the date students with priority registration are scheduled to register.  There are several things you must do EVERY semester:


à      You need to log on to the online registration and check to see if you have any holds.  If you do have holds you need to find out what they are and take care of them immediately or you will not be allowed to register.  If you need help finding out about your holds contact your advisor or the Coordinator, Disability Services Office.


à      You need to make an appointment to meet with your advisor regarding class choices for the next semester.  In each term's class schedule the date that the next term's schedule will be available is given.  It is important to mark your academic calendar with that date.  Schedules usually are available on Monday and priority registration is Friday of the same week.  It is your responsibility to make an appointment to meet with your advisor sometime that week so you are ready to register when your registration window opens that Friday morning.  You must meet with your advisor and get your advisor access code before you can register.  Every semester you must do this because the advisor access code changes every term.


à      Once you have met with your advisor and picked your classes for the next term it is your responsibility to go online on priority registration day.  You will need to register for all your classes.  If you have any problems with the registration process you need to contact your advisor or the Disability Services Office right away.  If you need help registering for classes there are student workers available to help you in the Disability Services Office.  Stop by and someone will help you register for your classes and give you a printout of your registration.

Additional copies of this form are available in the Disability Services Office.

May 2008