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Student Employment


Business Services Hours
School Year - 8am-4:30pm
Summer - 7:30am-4pm

Business Window Hours
School Year - 9:30am-3:00pm
Summer - 9:30am-3:00pm


Student Employment at BSU

BSU strives to offer students a variety of employment opportunities that develop relevant skills, provide a reliable source of income, and has flexibility to accommodate the student's course and extra-curricular schedules.


To be eligible to work on campus, you must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits during the academic year.  If you drop below 6 credits, your employment will be terminated.  Non-matriculated students, such as PSEO students, are not eligible to work on campus.  To work over the semester break or the summer, you must verify that you are enrolled for the following semester.

Campus Wide Student Wage Scale

The pay scale is as follows:

Starting July 1st, 2016 the pay scale will be as follows:

001- 350  hours worked -  $9.50
351- 700  hours worked -  $9.80
701-1000 hours worked -  $10.10
1001 +     hours worked -  $10.50

Directions for Locating Employment on Campus

The primary responsibility for locating a work-study position on campus rests with the student. You are encouraged to check the student employment website for current position openings.  Students experiencing difficulty locating a position after arriving on campus should contact the Student Employment Office located at 202 Deputy or  call 218-755-2859 for assistance.

Regular Payroll Employment

Many departments employ students with their own funds on regular payroll.  Wages and terms of employment are the same as the work study program. Vacancies are posted on the student employment website under regular payroll.  If you are hired on regular payroll, you will be given a Regular Payroll Authorization Form by the supervisor.  This form outlines the procedure you are to follow to be considered for employment on regular payroll.  Regular payroll students must be enrolled a minimum 6 credits.

Work Study Employment

The work study amount listed on your award notice is the maximum amount you can earn for the award year. When you have earned the maximum award amount your employment will be terminated.  Time sheets and student eTime access will no longer be available.

Work study students must be enrolled a minimum 6 credits. In addition, you must meet satisfactory academic progress standards as outlined in the SAP Policy.

Work Study Authorization Form

Policy On Work Hour Limits

The employment hours of student employees must follow the Federal and State labor agreement rules and laws. Students may not volunteer "extra hours" while employed in a department or be asked to put in more time than what they can be legally paid.

Student Employee Hour & Day Limits

Max number of days per time sheet 10
Max hours worked in one day 8
Max hours worked in one week 20
Max hours reported per timesheet 40

Full time hours are ONLY permitted during summer or semester breaks.
(8 hrs per day, 40 hrs per week, 80 hrs per time sheet)
NOTE:  Overtime is not permitted.

Payroll Procedures and Paychecks

Effective Fall 2015 all of departments will be reporting hours worked through Student eTime which may be accessed through eServices. eTimesheets are submitted every two weeks to your supervisor for approval. Your hours worked must be approved by your supervisor in order to be processed. If you choose not to have your payroll check directly deposited, it will be mailed to your permanent address on file with the Records Office.  Students can initiate and maintain direct deposit information through their eServices account.