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Division II SAAC Mission Statement

The mission of the NCAA Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to enhance                                            the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity for all                                                              student-athletes; protecting student-athlete welfare; and fostering a positive                                                 student-athlete image.

Division II SAAC Guiding Principles

The Division II SAAC will be guided by the following principles: ethics, integrity,                                               fairness and a respect for diversity which shall include attention to gender, race,                                           ethnicity and sport.

Division II SAAC Purpose

The purpose of the Division II SAAC includes the following:
• Identify issues and initiatives affecting Division II institutions;
• Educate conference and campus Student-Athlete Advisory Committees;
• Review and respond to issues raised by other committees;
• Review and respond to proposed NCAA legislation;
• Participate in the Division II legislative process through involvement in the                                                     Annual Convention;
• Participate in the annual summit with Division II Management Council;
• Participate in three in-person meetings per year;
• Serve on the Division II Association-Wide Committees, and;
• Support the campus and conference community through community outreach efforts.


We, as the NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, will ultimately hold one                                                another accountable for all actions, particularly those actions taking place                                                        during the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee meetings.

Campus SAAC: Campus SAAC representatives are responsible for discussing issues                                           affecting student-athletes at the campus level and forwarding said information                                                       to the conference SAAC.

Conference SAAC: Conference SAAC representatives are responsible for collecting                                              feedback from the campuses, forming a conference perspective and forwarding                                                    that perspective to the national SAAC. Conference SAACs serve as the vital link                                                      between the campus and national SAACs. Without their communication to the                                                     campus and national levels, the student-athlete voice is lost within the structure.

National SAAC: National SAAC representatives are responsible for gathering conference                                 feedback and representing their views at the national level. They are also charged with                                   forwarding information addressed at the national level (e.g., legislation, issues                                             affecting student-athletes) to their conference SAAC representatives.