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Target Audience 

Life CHOICES program activities will be especially attentive to these target groups:

Student Athletes
Initial activities will focus on the student athlete population. These are full time, male and female students ranging in age from 17-25 years of age. Bemidji State University student athletes come from all over the world, from Sweden to Bemidji and offer significant contributions to the diversity of the institution. Some live off campus and others live in the residence halls, and their academic studies run the gamut of the 44 major fields offered by BSU.

Incoming freshmen have long been identified as the most vulnerable student population and are the primary focus for many prevention and intervention programs on campus. This is a group of 686 students, mostly young and away from home. Most live on campus in the residence halls, others live off campus in apartments and houses. They are a racially and ethnically diverse group, representing local, regional, national and international communities.

Off-campus students
Freed from the residence hall supervision and consequences, many off campus students find themselves in unmonitored social settings that have been linked to alcohol use and abuse and the related consequences of such behavior.