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About Health Education Services and Programming

The SCHC Health Education program strives to help students make wise decisions about health issues by:

  • Coordinating and advising a health education peer group, the Lifestyle Educators.
  • Making sure students have access to reliable, current health information by providing health literature in the lobby of the SCHC as well as satellite centers in lower Hobson Union, First floor Walnut Hall, and the Recreation/Fitness Center.
  • Planning and Coordinating campus presentations involving nationally or regionally known speakers or performers.
  • Being available, along with the other SCHC professional/clinical staff, for presentation to classes or other campus groups.


Some of the special presentations available are:

  • Alcohol Education. Students explore myths and realities of student drinking, learn how to drink safely and wisely, or find support for not drinking, if that is their decision.
  • Virtual party! A fun, fast-paced CD-ROM that allows students to make decisions about drinking in a party setting, and view the outcome of these decisions
  • The Secret Epidemic: STI's on Campus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that as many as 55 million Americans have sexually transmissable infections (STI's) and more than 15 million are spread each year.
  • Predatory Drugs. Law enforcement and sexual assault workers report a rising number of drug-related sexual assaults. Learn about the problem and what you can do to protect yourself and your friends.
  • Want a program on a special topic? Contact us!

Peer Educators Wanted!

Learn how you can help your peers make healthy choices while you gain valuable leadership experience by becoming a Lifestyle Educator.