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PIER 9: Prevention Intervention Education Referral

BSU's Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program

"A safe harbor you can turn to."

Program Philosophy

We believe that student alcohol and other drug use is shaped by a variety of influences in the physical, social, economic, and legal environment. To create a healthier environment, the Student Center for Health and Counseling promotes a combination of institutional, community, and public policy change. While educational approaches and awareness activities are a part of the web that makes up the prevention effort, the SCHC focuses on these environmental strategies:

  • Promoting alcohol-free social, recreational, and extracurricular options and student participation in public service.
  • Creating a social, academic, and residential environment that promotes healthy social norms.
  • Limiting alcohol availability and youth access.
  • Enforcing campus policy and state and local laws about drinking.
  • Restricting marketing and promotion of alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol Use

Alcohol use, it's your choice. Learn more about the effects of alcohol on your brain, your health, your academic performance, and your life.

Getting Help

For more information or to learn about how to help a friend with an alcohol or drug related concern contact the SCHC Counseling Services for a free and confidential appointment with a professional counselor.


Stand up and be counted . . .

  • On average . . . BSU Students drink Less than ONE drink a day
  • 23% of BSU Students prefer alcohol free parties
  • 88% of BSU Students prefer drug free parties
  • 72% of BSU Students refused alcohol last month

Civility Advisory Group

The BSU Campus Community Civility Advisory Group is an alliance of concerned individuals from the campus and community who are committed the prevention of substance abuse, violence and harassment.